Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Holidays Are Moving Along.....

Not a lot to report.....just checking in and hoping you're enjoying the holidays in whatever way works for you.  Things are quiet here, quieter than usual due to the dental episode.  On Tuesday I went back to the periodontist and everything was looking and feeling better.  On Wedneday, the dentist installed the temporary bridge and it was amazing how much better it felt right away, to say nothing of looking better!!  Now I just have to wait three months for the bone to grow and all will be well (I hope!!).

Otherwise, we've been doing things around the house, motivated by weather too cold for being outside.  Needless to say, my walks have been temporarily curtailed except for yesterday, which was a very nice, mild day.  Today was rainy so we began our Christmas baking - Peanut Butter Balls, Cranberry Almond Balls, White Chocolate Peppermint Bark and Date Loaves.  We will finish up over the next few days with German Chocolate Bars and Raspberry Cake Bars.  Once assembled, plates will be delivered to friends and neighbors.

Thus far through the season, everything has been a pleasure.  I've been acutely aware of how relaxed the whole process has been without doing everything around a full work really is as enjoyable as I thought it would be in retirement!!  Even my mother and I seem to be getting along better and I'm not sure whether it's because I'm more relaxed all the way around or whether we're both mellowing a bit.  Whatever it is, long may it last!!  This Christmas is a vast improvement from last year, when she was in a nursing home, and we are both thankful to be able to enjoy it.  Last night we went out looking for Christmas lights and decorations, which was somewhat disappointing.  It is basically a retirement community and many people don't bother to decorate, but we did find pockets of bright decorations and the occasional over-the-top, Griswold-like light display.

One of the few social things I've done (due to a swollen jaw and bruised chin, which you can see if you look closely) was to meet Pamela for lunch.  I've enjoyed meeting her but our time is limited since she is moving back to California in January.  She's leaving because she hasn't been able to find a decent job, nor has she met friends with whom she has much in common (have you heard that before!!)....that is until we met.  I will certainly hate to see another friend go, but don't blame her at all.  At the moment she has flown to CA to find a place to live near her daughter, but will return later in the month and then take off on January 2nd.  She is driving a 22 foot rental truck, towing her car behind, all the way across country.  I admire her spunk and sense of adventure.  Best wishes to her in the New Year.

My condolences to the entire Wingrove family on the passing of Martin's Dad.  He had come home from the hospital after a serious illness and seemed to be settling in well.  As I told Ann, this probably happened just as everyone was taking a deep sigh of relief, thinking he was out of the woods.  It's always a jolt and I've learned that there is no way to prepare for a loss such as this, except to call on friends and family when it happens.  I've certainly thought of you often today and hope that all is well (and that you don't mind my mentioning it here).  You will remain in my thoughts.  The Jews have a nice saying, "May his memory be a blessing", so I hope you all find comfort in his memory.