Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend Away

Summer is in full swing and we have a little relief from the heat.  The temperature has dropped to the low 90s, but the humidity is still with us.  For the last two mornings I've put Rosie out in the back yard rather than taking her for her morning walk. She would  not have to go out so early were it not for the heat.  After 8:30, it begins to really heat up and neither of us enjoy that.

At the end of July, I went to Virginia for Justin and Tara's renewal of vows. It was a fun, action packed weekend, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Jim (Justin's father), his two brothers, his aunt and I went to Mount Vernon on the Saturday morning.  It is impressive to see and one could spend the whole day there, but we had to be at the event at 3PM.  Even so, we did get to cover much of the grounds and had a tour of the house.  We got back to the hotel in time to shower, change and get to event, which was held on the grounds of the George Mason estate.  It was a lovely ceremony, with Justin in his kilt and Tara with a tartan draped over her white dress.  After the ceremony, they changed into sometime more casual and mingled with guests as we all enjoyed a delicious meal.  After the meal, anyone who was interested was given a tour of the Mason home, before returning for dessert. It really was a nice occasion and I'm so glad I went.

I was so proud of myself that I had arranged transfer from the airport to the hotel via Super Shuttle.  I only had a carry on bag, so I headed straight to their counter.  They ask me to wait and they would let me know when the driver arrived.  Well, I waited, waited, and waited 40 minutes.  The lady behind the desk called the dispatcher and he sent a taxi to pick me up and take me to the hotel.  The taxi fare was the same as I had paid Super Shuttle.  Had I known that, I could have walked out the door and gotten a taxi.  I wonder if that tends to be the case everywhere?  Anyway, I got to the hotel and cancelled my return arrangements and Jim dropped me off at the airport as they were leaving. I was there earlier than expected and stopped by the jetBlue desk to asked if there might be an earlier flight.  There was and I was #1 on the standby list.  I made the earlier flight and was home two hours earlier than expected.  As I was driving home from Charleston, I ran into and out of little rain showers.  Between Charleston and here, the temperature went from 94, to 86, back up to 92, then down to 77, and back to 93 when I got home.  It was amazing!

This motley crew is our growing Drinking Liberally group.  With all the chaos of the election season, Democrats in the area are searching out "their people"!  Discussion has been animated and it does help to have people of like mind with whom to discuss issues.  Between DL, Liberal Ladies of the Lowcountry, and Progressive Ladies, there is something happening almost every week.  We all agree that I will be nice to have the election behind us, assuming it turns out well!!!

My friend, Linda, was in town, she being one of the founders of Drinking Liberal!  We had dinner and then went to see Pippin, which was very good.  The lead role was played by the son of one of Linda's friends and he was very good.  

Otherwise, it's just been the usual.  Trying to stay cool and occasionally accomplish something!!  I hope all is well with you......drop me a note and let me know.