Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Preparing for Eileen's Visit

This is a short update before I pick up Eileen tomorrow morning around 11AM.  I'm so excited that she's coming and her visit has set in motion a hive of activity.  At this very moment, I have soup simmering on the stove, laundry going and I'm doing this!  Her visit motivated me to clean out my mother's closet and dresser.  All was donated to a local thrift show and a clean closet awaits Eileen.  In an effort to make my garage APPEAR tidy, I took about an hour to load my car with anything that could be discarded without thought.  The car was totally full!!  The only problem was that when I took it to the dump, I came back with this chair!  It's a funky color, but it's a very sturdy chair and in very good condition.....and I love the back!  I'm not sure why someone would take it to the dump and not donate it to a thrift shop.  Oh, well!

I did promise Eileen that we would not be attending any Trump rallies, but I do hope to take her to Drinking Liberally and our Progressive Ladies' Group.  She may be totally overdosed with politics but I think my friends will be interested in knowing how foreigners see us and our politics.

I fully intended to have wine prepared for Eileen's visit, but we were late getting it started due to the owner having Swine Flu.  He was really touch-and-go for a long time.  He has just last week been released home with nurse and therapist, and his wife thinks that is really too optimistic, that rehab would be better.  Anyway, I won't be bottling until this Saturday and I'll recruit Eileen to help.  I think she'll enjoy seeing their setup and will enjoy the bottling, which is the fun part.  It is a far cry from Saudi days, but it always reminds me of making wine there.

An of course, I've been scouring newspapers, magazines and web sites for things to keep us busy while Eileen's here.  There are at least two items on the list of things I've been wanting to do but haven't gotten around to doing, and we can always repeat anything that was a favorite from previous visits.

In the midst of all the preparation for Eileen's visit, I was also able to meet Cheryl, her Mom, and Nancy are our favorite Subway at the corner of I-95 and Hwy 278.  It never dawned on me to take photos, but it was Ann's 94th birthday and Cheryl posted this photo once they reached their destination.  I was happy to  be able to wish her a Happy Birthday in person and to share a little time with all of them.

One thing that will not be listed here are all of the things I did NOT get done before Eileen's removing pollen from everything outside; but, that's the great thing about friends coming.......they won't mind!  We have too much catching up to do!   Will keep you posted as time permits.