Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer's Here!

Summer is in full swing and I finally dragged myself to the beach.....twice this past week, and I have to tell you how good it felt.  There is nothing that feels quite so good as getting sun (not too much!), bobbing up and down in warm sea water, and then coming home for the best shower ever.  It really does feel great and I'm going to continue doing it throughout the summer.  

I'm also hoping to pick up yoga again.  I ran into one of the girls from the class and she said Martha, the dreaded instructor who handled a bad situation in a way that made it worse, is away for the summer and that the instructors filling in for her are very good.  Since I've become a slug, I'm going to try to get back into it, but it isn't going to be easy.

Gayle & Donna at Dough Boy's
Other than that, I've been doing the usual things.  I did enjoy several lunches out that were lots of fun.  One was with my friend Gayle who was back in town on vacation. She is a freelance writer and is always up to something fun and exciting.  While I keep up with her on Facebook, it was especially nice to sit and chat.....great to see her again. Then Chris and I went to our Progressive Ladies luncheon.  We like this group because the women are interesting and the group is usually small enough to involve everyone in conversation.  This month really clicked and the conversation covered a wide range of topics....books, movies, politics, and lots of laughs.  It was so good that we pretty much decided to do a road trip to Charleston if Bernie Sanders comes there.  While I am more likely to vote for Hillary, because I'd love to see a capable female President in my lifetime, I certainly like what Bernie is saying.  

Speaking of politics, we've been inundated with Republican candidates.....The Donald, Christie, Perry, Santorum, and I think Kasick was here before he announced. I just love it that the Donald is sucking all of the air out of the room and the others are left trying to figure out what to do with the hatefulness they've spawned and nurtured all these years.

There is some good news.....I've finally gotten an offer on my mother's house.  They are having some inspections done and IF everything passes to their satisfaction, it should fly!  Please think good thoughts!  You don't know what a relief it would be to get it sold and have the funds to apply to my mother's care.

Stranger than fiction is this mushroom to the right!  This thing was the size of a small plate!  Due to the rain, they're popping up everywhere, but none like this.  Also  very strange was the huge mole that fell of my neck.  I've had this mole forever and one night it just dropped off in bed.  While making the bed the next morning I found it and thought it was a raisin!  It was while getting dressed that I realized the mole was gone!  It just dropped off, not a drop of blood, no pain, nothing! 

It seems like there should be more to report but that's about it.  So, I guess I'll get busy answering lots of emails.  I also need to email my Senators and Representatives about the Iran deal.  They're probably waiting for my input before voting against it/Obama.  For all of their obstructionism, isn't it great that many events have worked out in the President's favor.  Don't you just love it when that happens!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

It's difficult to believe that we've gone from Memorial Day to Independence Day in no time flat.  Just when we liberals could see no hope, the Supreme Court came through big time, making Independence Day more meaningful than ever!  It really came out of nowhere and surprised us all......upholding the Fair Housing Act, upholding ACA/Obamacare, gay marriage......even striking a blow to gerrymandering!  Who would have expected it.  For news/political junkie like me, it was almost more than we could take in.  

Our Drinking Liberally group the week before was huge...everyone was atwitter with the prospects of the Confederate flag coming down from our state capitol.  We really don't know how to behave when our governor actually does something humane and caring.  We're just accustomed to her fighting Obamacare so those who really need health care can't get it.  My thought was that we finally know what it takes to get empathy from her/them......nine deaths, one of whom she actually knew!  Otherwise, as Stephen Colbert would say, there is no hunger in the world because I just had breakfast!  Anyway, it's been an exciting couple of weeks and my faith in our political system has been renewed. The real example was set by those who lost family members at Mother Emanuel AME Church.  Their strength and belief transformed the usual reaction of violence, looting, etc. into something beautiful and transcendent.  And the fact that the Charleston community followed their lead and supported them so was beautiful to see.  And the President's eulogy at Sen. Pinckney's funeral was one of his best. As I said, a lot for liberals to take in.....thank you, Lord, we like it!!

Tuesday, June 23rd, was my mother's 94th birthday.  Laney and Julious came from NC and charmed everyone at Bloom.  We added a table to our usual  "Lunch Bunch" group and included them. I don't know whether it was having new faces around, having something to celebrate, or just the alignment of the moon and stars, but it was wonderful to see everyone in good spirits and their best selves.   We could see the elements of their former selves come alive and it was wonderful. There were two ladies celebrating birthdays on that day so we had one cake at lunch and Mama's at ice cream time (3PM). While it was a little too much stimulation for Mama, she hung in all day (not taking her usual afternoon nap) and made the most of it.  The party went on all day and everyone had a good time. I'm so glad Laney and Julious came.  

When Laney and Julious left, we said that they (those at Bloom) may not remember a thing about it tomorrow, but today they all had a good day.....and that's pretty  much how it turned out.  When I came in the next day, Helen had her head flat down on the table and I couldn't awaken Mama for lunch.  The second day after, Mama was eating, but with her eyes closed. The third day she was awake, alert and talking (which is not always easy for her).  After three days of that, she has been less talkative, less alert and more agitated.  That's the way it goes, so we make the most of the good days and June 23rd was one of the best in a long time.

. ClipartTonight is actually July 4th, Independence Day.  My plans were to meet Sun City friends outside the Ale House for a concert and fireworks.  Mother nature wasn't having any of that!  As we sat under a shaded tent enjoying an occasional breeze, the dark clouds began gathering and lightening flashing.  As we saw the band packing up, we decided to disperse. It seemed like a good plan to go inside the Ale House and wait it out, but when we got there we learned they had no electricity, along with a large part of Sun City.  So, we said our goodbyes and headed home.  I drove into rain and signs of a  more serious storm....debris and limbs in the road. So, I'll watch the patriotic programs that I had planned to record...and be thankful for the blessings of the last few weeks.  It's wonderful to see things come together for good.

It is with great sadness that I send my heartfelt condolences to Eileen and the whole Henderson family on the passing of Tom. It's another one of those things that happened so quickly that it's difficult to comprehend.  I saw them in September, when Tom was in his element, organizing the UK Aramco reunion, taking care of all the details to make it special for everyone. That is how I will remember him, a major player in one of my fondest memories.