Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the Move Again

I've had a week of trying to get my momentum back.....and we all know I suffer from a case of chronic inertia.  It hasn't been helped by the rain, which we are all happy to see.  We're 8 inches below normal for this time of year and it's been a long time since we've seen any, so I don't think anyone is complaining about it.  My walking hasn't happened much this week and so I'm using this as a rest period and hoping to get back to it soon.  It does generate more energy and is a great way to start the day, so I'll be happy to get back to it soon.

The high point of the week was yesterday when I went into Savannah for a BB King concern.  I made an afternoon of it by hitting my favorite shops, searching out a funky vegetarian restaurant for dinner (I was the only one there who didn't seem stuck in the 70's) and just generally enjoying myself.  The concert was absolutely great.  A local band, The Trainwrecks, opened the show and they were pretty good - kind of country rock..  I could see where they got their name as every song was played "full throttle"  It must have been a thrill for them to open for BB King!

This was the first concert I've been to when the performer was given a standing ovation when he walked on stage!! Even before that, I was baffled to see people taking photos of an empty bandstand until I realized they where photographing Lucille, his guitar!!  Many guitarist use 3-4 guitars during a concert - he used only the one.  He just came on stage, acknowledged the audience and sat down, where he stayed until he was helped up at the end.  He is 85 years old, still plays great and has a nice, strong voice!!   In his younger years, there was probably a lot of flashy playing, but now he has a great band that he relies on a lot.  But when he plays, whether part  of a song or the whole thing, it's something special.  He had lots of little jokes, stories, introduced family members who were joining him from Mississippi, etc.  He was totally entertaining and the audience was responsive and appreciative.  There are usually people stationed around the theater to keep people seated and under control, but when he began the last song, "The Thrill Has Gone", as one the audience rose and moved forward - no trouble, no problem - just what everyone had been waiting for.  It was great!!

Other than that, it's been one thing after another. Have consulted my dentist again, and the cost of the needed work is already up to $4300........and that's not including the work the periodontist will do!! I have dental insurance but haven't found it especially beneficial so far.  This will be the test!!

My computer has also been failing lately - just suddenly cutting off without warning.  One side of the keyboard seems to be hot, which might mean a fan has gone, or it's on it's last leg......; however, it is 6+ years old, and that's old in electronic years!!  So, who knows. (Update: As I was working on this, it cut off again!!  I unplugged it and took it to the Geeks at Best Buy.  I had been thinking about it anyway and when that happened, it sealed the deal....or was the last straw, I'm not sure which!!.  In any case, a nice, young girl looked at it. It actually cut off with her, too....and she said those symptoms where the "death rattle" of my hard drive going, which is what I was afraid, now I know!!)

And certainly not the least of my concerns - my mother is not sounding well.  She finally acknowledged that she needs something to stimulate her appetite but wouldn't go to the doctor.  So, I'm going up this weekend for a family reunion and have made an appointment with her doctor there.  I'll take her to that appointment on Monday and to have her eye checked on Tuesday, UNLESS she will come back with me and have it done here (which she doesn't want to do).  We talked about it today but I received no real who knows.  It is very worrying and I feel totally helpless.  One of her neighbors passed away last week and she is now saying things like "I think I'll be the next to go"  or "I don't think I'll be around much longer".  What do you say to that??  I try to be encouraging and supportive, but that doesn't seem helpful or even practical!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The House is Quiet Again

Yes, it's quiet again around here.  That's not to say that there isn't a lot to do after a week of company and letting everything go.  But, today I didn't set my clock and lay in bed a bit longer.  This will also be one of the few days I don't do my morning walk (but that will resume tomorrow) - I'm just easing into the day with the intention of getting some things done around the house.

It was good to see Allan and we had a nice visit, which included lots of running around and shopping, an over abundance of good food and wine, and lots of time for catching up.  I coaxed him into going with me on my walk several times, but we never got to the beach.  We did speak with Paula and Neil via Skype, which was fun.  It was great to see them and they both looked and sounded great.  The week seemed to fly by and then it was that time for him to go back to Saudi, with at least one day of that dreaded black cloud gathering.  Oh, I remember that feeling all too well!  A short photo album is on the site.

In addition to doing things that Allan needed and wanted to do, there were things that I needed to get done.  My refinancing closed on Tuesday, which was very good....and reduces my monthly outlay considerably.  All in all, it went quickly and smoothly.  There was also a regularly scheduled dental cleaning, which unexpectedly turned into a major production!!  There is a follow up appointment on Tuesday, at which time I'll know the full scope of things, which isn't likely to be stay tuned.

Allan flew out at 4:30 yesterday so we had lunch in Savannah beforehand.  With time to spare, we found a huge, new Sam's Club, about twice the size of the one here.  It's actually only about 35 minutes from me so is easily accessible.....and carries items that are not available at our local store.  So, I think it will become an occasional excuse to get into Savannah.

That's a brief overview, but other things are likely to come to mind as time passes.  But, for now, it's time to do laundry, clean the fridge, do floors, etc.  That should keep me out of trouble for a while.

Let me hear from you.......

Monday, September 13, 2010

Up and Running

After much gnashing of teeth and a crick in my neck, I think the site is up and running.......and so far, so good.  Everything seems easily workable and allows me to do what I want to do, though I'm still playing around with it.  The real question is: Did I overdo the kitty photos??  Be gentle!!

As I was working on this site, the news was on with all of the hub-bub surrounding 9/11, the Quran burning, etc.  To be honest, I'm totally "shocked and awed" at the fear and hate-filled behavior.  How can one little man in Florida (and those like him of other persuasions), with no sensitivity or awareness, hijack the whole dialogue......and set the stage for horrible actions.  The people whom I really admire are 
those who are closely and personally connected with 9/11 - those who lost a loved 
one on that day (as opposed to those who are miles away from that experience, yet boldly standing on a "principle) - who have reached out to the Muslim community, have set up schools in Afghanistan, have defended the 1st Amendment, and done many other kind, inclusive things.  They are the real heroes and should be getting the coverage and support.  It saddens me to see so much hatred and intolerance in the streets....and homes.  You know that I like quotes, and one of my favorites lately by Anne Lamott is "I try to spend less time thinking about what I see and more time thinking about why I see it that way".  And I think that needs to be applied to religion......perhaps this very religious nation should spend less time thinking about what they believe and more time thinking about what we, as individuals, believe.......and how we act on those beliefs!!  Those of us who are so far removed from the pain and loss of that day (which is  most of us), should take our cue from this lady: Nikki Stern: Sick and Tired of Anger. ( Click here)  

On Sunday I completed my theme of laziness for the week.  I had walked so few steps by noon that I actually took off my fancy-dancy pedometer....and cast the guilt aside with it!!  The day was spent in my "She who sleeps with cats" nightshirt and I did only what I wanted to do, which was very little!

Today, I had to get a move on.....starting with my walk.  This morning was the first hint of fall.....a nice, cool temperature, perfect for walking.  The great part of this time of year is that it warms by after an early lunch, I went to the beach.  It was wonderful.....the wind was up and the waves were barreling in.  Windsurfers were out and it was the first time I'd seen them that close.  It has to be thrilling and they fly on the water......and occasionally actually go airborne!!  There were also several shrimp boats offshore......perfect. (See slide show at top of page)

After showering and getting myself together, I did grocery shopping.  That leaves two days to clean house and get organized for the whirlwind, also known as Allan, who arrives Wednesday night.  He will be here for a week so am not sure how much time I'll have to post again, but will be back as soon as I can. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome to My New Blogging Spot

Well, welcome to my new home, which I hope will last for a whileI wasn't expecting to move so suddenly, but on my last post on Blog-City, I wasn't able to include a photo or graphic and, after reading a few other blogs, realized that others were having the same problem.  When there was no response from a help message by this morning (and they are usually very prompt)......I knew they'd moved on to something bigger and better.  In any case, I hope I've gotten the hang of this host and will be able to carry on, though I do hate to leave all of my "stuff" at Blog-City, my blog home since April '06, or have it dissolve into the ether.  I was able to download all of it so I have a journal of the last few years, but it was nice to have it all together online.  Oh, well!!

This is the photo of the Vegas wedding that I was not able to include on the Blog-City post....and I'm including the commentary that went with it.
Yes, the Vegas wedding took place and I was settled in to watch it online.  It was a riot....and Elvis did perform the ceremony, complete with white bell bottoms and red lei!!  The bride looked beautiful in a lovely dress and blue suede shoes/sandals!!  The honored guests and mother-of-the-bride (my friend, Linda...escorted by her two sons) bopped in to "All Shook Up", and the bride entered to "Can't Help Falling in Love", all sung by Elvis.  The vows made reference to "love me tender". as well as "hunka, hunka, burning love" you can get the gist of the service.  It was definitely different but everyone looked like they were having a great time......and they will always have a story to tell.  I'm eager to get details from Linda.

Not a lot else has happened this week as I've found it difficult to be very productive.  So, I've gone with the flow of being laid back.  Wednesday night was the meditation class I'd signed up for a couple of weeks ago.  I enjoyed it and came home with full intentions of giving it a try, which I did yesterday......and totally forgot about it today.  Like so many other things, it's a matter of making it part of your routine......and I don't have that part down yet!!

Yesterday, I went to the beach and it was wonderful......only about 7 cars in the parking lot when I arrived and many fewer people on the beach than only a few days earlier.  The ocean was unusually placid, with only very small waves breaking on shore......but it was perfect for just lying back and floating.  The temperature was perfect and it was totally relaxing. 

I haven't been so lazy as to miss my morning walk.  Over my months of walking, I've gotten to know a few of the regular dog walkers.  Cleo (a little frou-frou pooch, whose owner is Rhoda) will now wait for me to get to her if she sees me coming in the distance.  Another neighbor walks two large dogs, one of which is a pit bull with a metal muzzle, which was a little unsettling until I learned that he and his sister were found in a dumpster behind Lowes.  They had been so frightened or abused that they wouldn't move.  His owner volunteers at the Humane Association and said it took a long time just to get them to move and then eventually to begin to trust people again.  I think he fell in love with him over the time he worked with him there. He is supposed to be very mellow at home but aggressive to other dogs, thus the muzzle.  He is a beautiful dog and his story is heartbreaking.......why would anyone get an animal if they're going to treat it badly??