Monday, September 13, 2010

Up and Running

After much gnashing of teeth and a crick in my neck, I think the site is up and running.......and so far, so good.  Everything seems easily workable and allows me to do what I want to do, though I'm still playing around with it.  The real question is: Did I overdo the kitty photos??  Be gentle!!

As I was working on this site, the news was on with all of the hub-bub surrounding 9/11, the Quran burning, etc.  To be honest, I'm totally "shocked and awed" at the fear and hate-filled behavior.  How can one little man in Florida (and those like him of other persuasions), with no sensitivity or awareness, hijack the whole dialogue......and set the stage for horrible actions.  The people whom I really admire are 
those who are closely and personally connected with 9/11 - those who lost a loved 
one on that day (as opposed to those who are miles away from that experience, yet boldly standing on a "principle) - who have reached out to the Muslim community, have set up schools in Afghanistan, have defended the 1st Amendment, and done many other kind, inclusive things.  They are the real heroes and should be getting the coverage and support.  It saddens me to see so much hatred and intolerance in the streets....and homes.  You know that I like quotes, and one of my favorites lately by Anne Lamott is "I try to spend less time thinking about what I see and more time thinking about why I see it that way".  And I think that needs to be applied to religion......perhaps this very religious nation should spend less time thinking about what they believe and more time thinking about what we, as individuals, believe.......and how we act on those beliefs!!  Those of us who are so far removed from the pain and loss of that day (which is  most of us), should take our cue from this lady: Nikki Stern: Sick and Tired of Anger. ( Click here)  

On Sunday I completed my theme of laziness for the week.  I had walked so few steps by noon that I actually took off my fancy-dancy pedometer....and cast the guilt aside with it!!  The day was spent in my "She who sleeps with cats" nightshirt and I did only what I wanted to do, which was very little!

Today, I had to get a move on.....starting with my walk.  This morning was the first hint of fall.....a nice, cool temperature, perfect for walking.  The great part of this time of year is that it warms by after an early lunch, I went to the beach.  It was wonderful.....the wind was up and the waves were barreling in.  Windsurfers were out and it was the first time I'd seen them that close.  It has to be thrilling and they fly on the water......and occasionally actually go airborne!!  There were also several shrimp boats offshore......perfect. (See slide show at top of page)

After showering and getting myself together, I did grocery shopping.  That leaves two days to clean house and get organized for the whirlwind, also known as Allan, who arrives Wednesday night.  He will be here for a week so am not sure how much time I'll have to post again, but will be back as soon as I can.