Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the Move Again

I've had a week of trying to get my momentum back.....and we all know I suffer from a case of chronic inertia.  It hasn't been helped by the rain, which we are all happy to see.  We're 8 inches below normal for this time of year and it's been a long time since we've seen any, so I don't think anyone is complaining about it.  My walking hasn't happened much this week and so I'm using this as a rest period and hoping to get back to it soon.  It does generate more energy and is a great way to start the day, so I'll be happy to get back to it soon.

The high point of the week was yesterday when I went into Savannah for a BB King concern.  I made an afternoon of it by hitting my favorite shops, searching out a funky vegetarian restaurant for dinner (I was the only one there who didn't seem stuck in the 70's) and just generally enjoying myself.  The concert was absolutely great.  A local band, The Trainwrecks, opened the show and they were pretty good - kind of country rock..  I could see where they got their name as every song was played "full throttle"  It must have been a thrill for them to open for BB King!

This was the first concert I've been to when the performer was given a standing ovation when he walked on stage!! Even before that, I was baffled to see people taking photos of an empty bandstand until I realized they where photographing Lucille, his guitar!!  Many guitarist use 3-4 guitars during a concert - he used only the one.  He just came on stage, acknowledged the audience and sat down, where he stayed until he was helped up at the end.  He is 85 years old, still plays great and has a nice, strong voice!!   In his younger years, there was probably a lot of flashy playing, but now he has a great band that he relies on a lot.  But when he plays, whether part  of a song or the whole thing, it's something special.  He had lots of little jokes, stories, introduced family members who were joining him from Mississippi, etc.  He was totally entertaining and the audience was responsive and appreciative.  There are usually people stationed around the theater to keep people seated and under control, but when he began the last song, "The Thrill Has Gone", as one the audience rose and moved forward - no trouble, no problem - just what everyone had been waiting for.  It was great!!

Other than that, it's been one thing after another. Have consulted my dentist again, and the cost of the needed work is already up to $4300........and that's not including the work the periodontist will do!! I have dental insurance but haven't found it especially beneficial so far.  This will be the test!!

My computer has also been failing lately - just suddenly cutting off without warning.  One side of the keyboard seems to be hot, which might mean a fan has gone, or it's on it's last leg......; however, it is 6+ years old, and that's old in electronic years!!  So, who knows. (Update: As I was working on this, it cut off again!!  I unplugged it and took it to the Geeks at Best Buy.  I had been thinking about it anyway and when that happened, it sealed the deal....or was the last straw, I'm not sure which!!.  In any case, a nice, young girl looked at it. It actually cut off with her, too....and she said those symptoms where the "death rattle" of my hard drive going, which is what I was afraid, now I know!!)

And certainly not the least of my concerns - my mother is not sounding well.  She finally acknowledged that she needs something to stimulate her appetite but wouldn't go to the doctor.  So, I'm going up this weekend for a family reunion and have made an appointment with her doctor there.  I'll take her to that appointment on Monday and to have her eye checked on Tuesday, UNLESS she will come back with me and have it done here (which she doesn't want to do).  We talked about it today but I received no real who knows.  It is very worrying and I feel totally helpless.  One of her neighbors passed away last week and she is now saying things like "I think I'll be the next to go"  or "I don't think I'll be around much longer".  What do you say to that??  I try to be encouraging and supportive, but that doesn't seem helpful or even practical!!