Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....Ready or Not!!

It's Tuesday night and I'm sitting here in a state of total exhaustion.  Since Thanksgiving we have put up the Christmas tree and decorated the house, over a period of about three days (to say nothing of all of the usual things and keeping my mother occupied and happy).  The Christmas tree is such a job that I like doing it early and getting as much pleasure from it as possible.  I also wanted to get it done before Mama's medical appointments started....on Monday she saw the eye specialist and today she saw her internist.  The factor that I'm not accustomed to and that always throws me for a surprise is that one appointment generates one or two more.  So, after seeing the doctor today, she has to have blood work done tomorrow AM and another appointment with him next week.  In less than a week, I feel totally overwhelmed.  Sharon and I have planned to have lunch tomorrow.  Now we will have to get blood work done beforehand and I'm wondering if all will transpire to let me get in my walk.  The three things I'm trying to maintain for myself are (1) my walking routine, (2) getting together with friends, and (3) keeping up my web site........but already they just seem like the first things to let go in order to keep my head above water.

It is now Thursday and things look brighter, which tells me I shouldn't write on nights when I'm tired!!  Sharon and I had a nice lunch on Wednesday and I was able to take my walk when I got home.  Winter has arrived and it was the first day that I had to sort myself out for cooler weather.  The first time out was over-kill and after a block I came back and put on something lighter.   Today's high should be only 56 so it offers another chance to figure out the correct gear.

Today is an "at home" day, which is important to me.  My mother has been busy taking up her clothes and I'm hoping to get lots of little jobs done and tidy up around the house.  Friday afternoon I'm meeting Elaine in downtown Bluffton for the tree lighting and dinner, and then on Saturday is the infamous Christmas parade.  My mother has enjoyed it in the past, and it is funky, but the temperature will probably decide whether or not we go.  There isn't a lot planned after that so by Sunday I should be seeing some daylight.

Hope the season is going well for you.  Let me know........