Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Week and Counting.....

Well, Christmas is almost upon us.  We started our baking on Saturday and finished on Monday.  By the time we packaged and delivered everything on Monday night, we were pretty well pooped.  Along with the typical Christmas things, my mother has also had an appointment with the Gastro specialist on Monday and Cardiologist today.  Another appointment for a Barium x-ray is scheduled for Thursday morning, leaving just enough time to tidy up the house and think about Christmas dinner!!  After which, I' d like a few down days at home to recoup!!  Though it's been hectic, if my mother's digestive problem can be resolved, I think she will feel much better, eat better and gain strength.  After Christmas we are also going to see about getting her teeth and dentures straightened out so that eating will be more pleasurable, I hope. So, there are still lots of things to keep us busy.

We delivered baked goods to three neighbors, a sweet lady that works at the gate and Al, Rita's husband.  Al's Jewish so it really wasn't for Christmas, but I knew he would like it.  I hadn't seen him since his return from spending Hanukkah with his kids in Chicago.  He looked well and seemed to be doing okay, but he was using a walker, which he had  not be using the last time I saw him.  So, I hope he will be okay.  In any case, I'm glad I did it for him and he seemed to enjoy the food and the company.

My primary purpose for this post is to spread a little seasonal cheer!  In my net surfing, I ran across this send up of the typical Christmas "brag letter" - you know those you receive (and have possibly written) with a glowing account of the year just passed.  It gave me a giggle as the girl writing it is named Donna, but I hope you're not reminded of me in any other way!!  Click here: Joy to My World!

Merry Christmas!!