Thursday, December 30, 2010

If You're Reading This, You Survived Christmas!!

Christmas Lunch
And if I'm writing this, I must have, too!  Actually, Christmas was very quiet, but very nice.  My mother kept saying, "I'm just glad to be here." and so I think we both were happy to be able to celebrate in our quiet way - certainly better than last year when she was in a nursing home.  Anyway, after opening a few gifts, we had enough cooking to fill the morning. As you can see, there was enough food for us and several more. After a big lunch and clean up, the rest of the day was a blur.

Christmas and the day after felt like two Sundays in a row, especially with the possibility of snow throughout the day on the real Sunday.  You can see that we did eventually get a little and it was fun to watch, especially since we stayed warm and comfy in our PJs all day!!  It reminded me of watching it rain in Saudi, on those rare occasions when it did.
That haze is actually snow on the day after Christmas.

 It was great to hear from those who sent cards, called, emailed or commented on the ecard I sent.  At the time I sent it, I didn't realize there was the option to comment and each time someone did, I received an email announcing it.  So, it really was a nice surprise and I read them to Mama as they came in, telling her who it was from and where they lived.  We were both pleased to hear from so many people scattered far and wide.

Photo posted on Facebook of snow on our beach.

It seems that I've been constantly busy since Christmas but nothing noteworthy springs to mind.  The weather has improved steadily and is allowing me to walk on most days.....New Years day is supposed to be 72 degrees.  Can't ask for better than that!  One pleasure of walking over the holidays  has been the quietness.  On most days I walk from one yard tending noise zone - mower, blower, wacker - to another.  That subsided over the holiday and this past week has been quiet enough to hear the leaves blow, birds chirp......very peaceful.  In addition to the pleasure I get from walking, I'm pleased to finally have dropped a few pounds, five to be exact.  I'm enjoying that accomplishment NOW, before all the sweets eaten over Christmas find my hips again.

New Year Eve is pretty much a non-event for me, but I do hope you have a fun, safe one, ushering in a year filled with good health, happiness and contentment, peace and prosperity for us all.