Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Parade and Other Activities

It's been a busy time as we've taken in the Christmas Parade, which happened this past Saturday.  I was ambivalent about going as the temperature was dropping and I didn't want my mother to run the risk of getting pneumonia again.  So, when I went to wake her on Saturday morning and she wanted to stay in bed since she hadn't slept well, I was totally okay with that.  When she finally did get up, she thought we still had time to make it and we should go, so we actually left home about 10 minutes before the parade was to start.  We had some errands to run so I thought we would run into heavy traffic or parking problems and be discouraged.  Low and behold, there was little traffic and I drove to within 1/2 block of the parade route, where a handicapped parking spot was waiting for us!! The parade had just started and we watched from our usual spot.  We had a good view, but there were lots of people in front of us, so photos didn't turn out too well - I could tell what was happening, in the midst of the crowd, but someone else probably couldn't.  Anyway, it's a funky little parade and so many people "march" in it that I'm surprised there are people left to watch.  There are horses, motorcycles, vintage cars, souped up cars. "floats", tractors, every Scoot troop within 100 miles, dancing reindeer and, my favorite, the W omen's Drill Team, with drills!!  It's a riot, as are the spectators and their four legged friends.  All in all, a good way to spend a couple of hours. 

Saturday evening we went to a holiday band and choral program at Sun City.  It was the first time I'd attended anything there and it was very well done.  We decided to go to this one because it started at 7PM rather than 8PM.  It's just as close as going on island so it turned out well.  It was a professional production and I'll definitely be on the lookout for other events happening there.

The night before Elaine and I went to the tree lighting in Bluffton, strolled around the shops and had dinner at Corks.  We started early (it's dark by 5:15) and ended early, so it was a relaxing night.  We've made every effort to get into the Christmas spirit.

On Sunday, which I expected to be a quiet day after a parade and concert the day before, we went to the huge Sam's store in Savannah.  It was very busy but we did several laps of the store and came away with the items on our list.  It's been a busy time and my mother is keeping the pace.  She's also been sewing and helping around the house, and seems fit and in good spirits - as her doctor says, good shape for the shape she's in.  I'm sure she wouldn't admit it, but a portion of her ailments comes from being alone and lonely.  It would be nice if she would realize that her life would be easier if she were with me or closer to me.  I'm not holding my breath!

The last few days have been cold, but I walked this AM anyway.  Layers, gloves, a hat and a good jacket kept me toasty, and I did the entire route.  So, it convinced me that I'll be able to do it throughout the winter unless the weather turns really nasty. 

Politics has me spitting nails and last night I zipped off emails to the White House, Senator Graham (R-SC) and John Boehner (R).  It was a waste of time, judging from the recent tax cut deal,!   I'm stunned numb by it all and think we're just swirling down the tubes.  We can probably now look forward to the repeal of the health care bill.......we wouldn't want anything that might help the middle class, the poor, children, etc. .....especially if it affects the bottom line of the wealthy.  Are we screwed up or what?