Sunday, July 10, 2011

To NC and Back

Mystery solved!  I now know how my birdseed disappears overnight.

"If I could just get to that squirrel, I'd solve the problem!"
Yes, I've been to NC to take my mother home after her short visit here for doctor's appointments.  She got through them all with flying colors and was eager to get back home.  She has been wanting to get off any medication that she can and was able to drop two of them.  She wanted to drop more, but her internist pointed out that she is feeling better than she has since her fall in 2009.....and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  That was exactly what I was thinking, why tamper with things now that she is finally feeling relatively well?  Anyway, I'm glad she is feeling good and hope it continues.

While she was here, we had our usual projects.  Taking in her clothes (and she has a house full of them!) seems to be an ongoing job.  We also made a summer quilt for me.  This came about because Gabby threw up on the bed one night (more than you need to know!) and rather than making up the whole bed in the middle of the night, I just stripped the cover and sheet and dragged a light blanket from the closet.  To my surprise, it was the perfect weight, especially for the early morning, and felt so good not to deal with a sheet, spread, etc.  Then, I realized there was a duvet cover marked for donation that I could easily make into an all-in-one light summer quilt/blanket.  We were able to find a light batting in the exact size.  We slipped it into the duvet cover and "quilted" it (using the word loosely!).  The concept was very easy, but dealing with the size of the duvet cover was a real challenge.  In any case, I'm pleased with uses something that would otherwise have been given away and it feels great.  With three cats on the bed, I've given up on having anything out of a decorating magazine, but I do want something that feels good and is easy to maintain.

It's 10+ days since my last post and I'm still battling the cold.  It's moved from my head to a full-fledged  bronchial infection.  There was one day at my mother's when I was really dragging and have felt generally crummy for a long time.  So, the day after I got back, I went to my doctor, who prescribed antibiotics.  This is the third day of a five day course and I'm hoping to feel better soon.  It's been over 10 days since I last walked and it is usually an unavoidable break like this that totally wrecks my routine....permanently.  I'm telling myself that I'll get back to it as soon as I feel better......and can breath in the humidity and smoke.  I'm admitting my weakness here in hopes that when I feel better I'll be "shamed" into getting back to the walking!

Being the news junkie that I am, I've recently been stunned by events of the day.
  • The Casey Anthony trial - Like most people, I was surprised by the verdict.  I would not have wanted to be on the jury and I can understand not wanting to give the death penalty without the case being proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, BUT how was she not guilty of the aggravated child abuse charge if the child was in her care and missing for 31 days??  While I don't know the details of the charge, it just seems hard to get past that one.  The other aspect of the case was the behavior and total bias of the entire media......No such thing as unbiased, factual reporting anymore.
  • The issue of raising the debt ceiling really steams me....and makes me shutter to think what will happen to savings if it is not raised......and it is the people who squandered the surplus and contributed most to the debt who are dragging us to the brink.  Earlier this morning, I emailed Speaker Boehner to express my thoughts (you, too, can email him if you search for Speaker of the House Boehner!!), so you can guess the mood of the moment!!
  • It is a shame that The News of the World has to shut down under a cloud after 160+ years, but it is good to expose the tentacles of people like Rupert Murdock, who have such broad influence worldwide.  I don't think his Fox News here is into the hacking business, but they definitely have their own agenda and do their own brand of one-sided reporting.
  • Not that all is bad......I have enjoyed the Canada and US tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  They are an absolutely gorgeous couple........young, approachable, attractive, interested and involved, etc.  They are also a little more touchy-feely than most was nice to see him pull her in for a hug after the dragon boat races.  While Catherine seems to be the major attraction, it's difficult not to see Diana's influence and charm in William......or am I reading too much into it?
Bryan and Dorothy just sent this lovely Powerpoint presentation, which I'd like to share with all: The Bright Red Hat .  It presents a philosophy worth remembering. (You will have to "download" the file to open it, but you don't have to save it, if not desired.)  Enjoy!!