Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Good Time Was Had By All

My mother's 90th birthday party went well and it seemed that everyone enjoyed it. There were some who couldn't make it for various reasons, but it was great to see those who were there. Mama never asked who had responded and who would attend, so I just kept mum and she seemed genuinely surprised by the turnout. It was nice to have the whole thing catered, with little to worry about.  We both enjoyed being able to chat with everyone, but the time was all to brief.  It was well worth it and if everyone enjoyed it half as much as I did, then it was a success.

We drove back down here the following day (Monday, the 20th) and my mother had three medical appointments within the week. She looks and feels better than she has in 3-4 years and all appointments thus far have gone well.  Her final one is tomorrow and we're hoping it keeps the string going.  In between all of that, we'd done our usual sewing projects, cooking, etc. to keep us busy.

In the spirit of "no good deed goes unpunished", I've gotten a rotten head cold.  Am not sure where it came from but started doctoring it as soon as the symptoms hit.....but not soon enough.  Felt bad yesterday and terrible today, especially this morning when I thought my head would explode.  Am heading to bed early tonight in hopes of sleeping it out.  It started with a sore throat after walking in the smoke from fires in Georgia and Florida that filled our air for days.  So, it was a full fledged cold by the time I realized it wasn't from the smoke.  It did make me wonder what it must be like in Arizona and Florida where fires have burned from weeks.  Hope friends in those areas will update us.

My little injured kitty, Chloe, is still impaired a month later.  Today was her third visit to the vet and, while there is no definitive answer to her problem, its seems that she has dysplasia (sp??) in her rear hips.  She appeared to be walking better (limping less) when suddenly it seemed that it became difficult for her to raise her rear end, or it collapsed after minor stress.  She was low in potassium, which might also affect that area, so I'm to give her that twice a day.......and give it more time.  Needless to say, she also needs to lose weight, which I will tackle when my mother and her cats are back in NC.  It makes me feel so sorry for her and I hope that she is able to fully recover.

I'm sure there was more to share, but I'm brain dead and feel that I'm falling behind with this is a (half-brained) effort to catch up.  Hope this finds you all well......I'd love to hear from you!