Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Week of Meeting Nice People

Immediately after returning from DC, my time was devoted to taking Chloe to the vet, having my car repaired, yard sprinklers repaired, etc. After treating myself to the trip (which I totally enjoyed and needed), it was a perfect example of "no good deed/time goes unpunished".  The cost of the trip was double in the three days after my return!!  But, my car and sprinklers seem to be working fine, so my major concern was Chloe.  She needed 10-14 days of "rest" - no jumping, climbing, etc.....and she needed to be safe from Mama Mia.  So, she was confined to a crate unless I was there to supervise things......and I try to let her out as much as possible.  She has been such a good patient and not complained about it; in fact, I think she feels safer in the crate at night (although I miss having her on the bed).  On Tuesday it will be 2 weeks since it happened and she is still limping, which concerns me.  Tomorrow I will call the vet again and find out where to go from here.  I hope it is something from which she can fully recover.....if not, she will forever be at the mercy of Mama Mia and I will always have to know where everyone is at all times, which isn't easy with cats.  Chloe is shy and fearful at best and it breaks my heart that this happened while I was away......I feel like an unfit mother!

Socially, this has been a week of meeting some very nice people, beginning with Southeast SC Eat without Meat Group.  I found out about it from Cheryl, who is a friend from  Living Liberally and posted the info on Facebook.  A couple who moved here from DC was interested in getting together with other vegetarians, as they had done in DC.  I thought it might be a source of reinforcement and information, so I attended.  While being another all-women group, it was the most diverse yet  - both young and not-so; mostly white, but one lovely, young black lady; American, as well as Canadian, Argentinian and French.  Their interests were equally  diverse - yoga, Qigong, specialized breathing techniques, sprouting, dehydrating........I felt totally inadequate, but it was great.  We decided to meet once a month - which is as much as I want to meet with any group, following the Groucho Marx philosophy that "I don't want to belong to a group that would have me as a member!"  The monthly schedule immediately presented a problem as we couldn't decide on a July date that would accommodate most of us.  So, we held our July meeting last night at Roastfish and Cornbread, a local eatery whose chef is a native islander (Gullah) and whose menu includes southern/Gullah delicacies........and a vegetarian menu (not one item, but a whole page!).  Everyone except one showed up, with spouses, children, and friends.  It was a very good, welcoming group and I think I'm going to really enjoy them and learn a lot at the same time.

My second plunge into the unknown was with Palmetto Animal League (PAL), which I mentioned some time ago.  There were several false starts after I filled in the papers to volunteer some time ago .  I went out twice to help, but there was no one available who could get me started or give me direction.  Before going out the third time, I called ahead and the person at the desk told me that once my info was in the system I would receive emails notifying me of opportunities to volunteer.  So much time had passed that I had almost given up on it, when a neighbor who volunteers there (and whom I'd met when I took my kitties to PAL for a rabies clinic) stopped me on my morning walk and asked if I'd be able to help at weekend adoption fairs.  I agreed and he put me in touch with the right person.  Within two hours, I was set to help out today at PetSmart.  Due to the heat, the animals were inside the building, which limited the number they can bring........but it was perfect for me because they could all be easily managed.  It was wonderful to be with the animals......I loved handling the dogs and could have brought all of the kittens home with me!!  All of the people involved also seem very nice, caring and laid back.......which coincides with what I've learned in the neighborhood - the dog walkers are open, welcoming and friendly.  Anyway, it was a very good experience and I plan to go to an orientation (which I probably would not know about had my neighbor not hooked me up) on Wednesday.   I know how much I love my kitties (and all the pooches I had as a child) and I'd love every one of them to have a good home. Anything I can do to that end will not compare to the unconditional love they give.

To include a little local, Southern history, Caroline, the reddish dog in the PAL photos, was given her name because she is thought to be a "Carolina dog", which is indigenous to the South, also called American Dingo. You see many suspected decedents around, but Caroline had the strength, energy and alertness typical of the breed.  She was adorable.  You can find more about the Carolina dog HERE.

The coming week looks equally busy, with the mundane tasks of life, as well as the PAL orientation.  Cheryl and I are also going into Savannah for an Indian meal and the Tedeschi Trucks Band concert.  I saw them two years ago when they were here for the Savannah Music Festival.  I'd seen them on Eric Claption's Crossroads Guitar Festival Benefit Concert DVD and thought they would be worth seeing, and they were.  I'm glad to see them again.  On Friday I'll be going up to NC for my mother's 90th birthday reception on Sunday, which I hope will be a good afternoon for her.  So, think good thoughts for us and keep your fingers crossed!!