Monday, July 25, 2011

A Full Weekend

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better and my energy level is getting back to normal.  For a while there I was getting worried, but I think it just took a while to recover from the cold/bronchial infection and all of the activity of trying to juggle too many things are once. 

It looked like a fairly quiet weekend when I received a message through Facebook inviting me for drinks on Saturday night.  It was from one of my "young friends" who is a longstanding member of our Living Liberally group, but she now works at night and hasn't been able to attend meetings for quite a while.  So, she issued an invitation for all of us to get together Saturday evening.  It was great to see her, as well as the regulars.  We had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When I got home from the event, I realized I had lost an earring. I then remembered that as I entered and greeted everyone, I left like something had fallen or was both a feeling and the sense of almost seeing something out of the corner of my eye.  I briefly stopped and looked around, but didn't see anything.  In any case, I called the restaurant, told the hostess where we sat, and she volunteered to look for my earring.  Much to my surprise, she found it.  It was both a "good' and favorite one, so I was very pleased and arranged to pick it up on Sunday.

Sunday was my second pet adoption day at PetSmart.  It was to begin at 11AM so I decided to go by the restaurant and pick up my earring beforehand.  All went well until I got into my car at the made a low groan and nothing after that.  I immediately called AAA, noticing that the battery icon on my cell phone was blinking and it,too, was about to run out of juice.  I did get through and was told someone would be there within 45 minutes to give me a jump start.  As soon as that call was made, I went into the restaurant again and asked to use their phone to call PetSmart, to let the volunteers from Palmetto Animal League know that I would be late.  They were very nice about it, so I went back to my car to wait for AAA.  As I walked out of the restaurant, I noticed a towing truck driving toward me.....yippee!  My car was up and going within 10 45 minute wait in the heat!!  From there I went straight to a garage, had my battery replaced and was only an hour late for my pet adoption duties.  For a day that started so dreadfully, it couldn't have gone better......and of course, a little time with the cats and dogs mellowed me out completely.  All is well that ends well!

My involvement with Palmetto Animal League (PAL) is moving right along.  This was my second adoption day, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  In addition to the pleasure of just being with the animals, it's also great to see both adults and children interact and react to them.  Beginning this Wednesday, I'm volunteering behind the desk at the adoption center and on July 30th I'm taking a dog walking class to learn the ins-and-outs of that.  Jean M., in jest, expressed concern that I, a cat person, was becoming a dog person.  In fact, these are the first cats I've had......growing up we always had dogs, so this allows me to get my "dog fix" and help them out at the same time. There wasn't an adoption on either day that I helped out, although Winston (from my first fair) was adopted the following week, which is often how it goes.  It probably is best that serious consideration be given before adopting, but once people connect with one of the animals, they are likely to follow up by going out to the center.  PetSmart gives the shelter $10 for each animal adopted through their adoption days (even if it happens following the fair), which is very generous. 

Knowing that everyone is not an animal person, I've put my photos at the end of the entry, so you can zone out here.  For those of you who are animal people, you can see the charm of these cuties right away.  Caroline was at my first adoption day and still doesn't have a permanent home, which is hard to believe.  She's so sweet and loving, and thinks she's a lap dog!  This was my first time meeting little Rocco and he was a real charmer.  He is more the size I would want and I could have brought him home.  He was found wandering, with no collar or chip....and it's hard to imagine how anyone would let that happen to such a personable, well behaved little guy.  I came home smelling distinctly like Rocco, which didn't go unnoticed by my band of kitties.