Friday, July 29, 2011

A Week of Opposites

This week has gone very quickly, with lots of mixed and opposed feeling and emotions. It began with a welcomed relief from the heat. We had a nice, slow rain for much of two days, which lowered the temperature a bit and gave us a long needed break. While it was dark and dreary, it was well worth it.

Wednesday was my first afternoon behind the desk at Palmetto Animal League and it was great. Some very nice things happened.
  • Winston, the black and white dog at my first adoption day, has been adopted for a second time. He was brought back after the first adoption because he marked the house. They had a cat that sprayed and he went around marking on top of the cat.....doing what dogs do. His new family arranged to pick him up when they return from their vacation in August, but they visit him frequently, which I think is great. The children were very well mannered and sooo excited about getting Winston. They stayed with him almost 2 hours, playing with him in the activity room, walking him, etc. It was heartwarming to see and Winston is going to be one lucky guy. 
  • Two teens also came in to volunteer. Since they are under 17, their mother will have to come with them, which she was willing to do. Once signed up, they went in to the cat rooms, filled to capacity with kittens, and played/socialized them. It looked like a good time was had by all. 
  • A lady who was fostering two cats came in and adopted them.  We told her that it was a case of another failed foster parent!!  I'm afraid I'd be the same way!!  She seemed happy with her decision.
  • Another couple had arranged with the director to bring a beautiful, long haired, stray cat in to be checked over because they, too, had decided to take him in.  He was an older cat but very pretty, with a nice disposition.
It was all very heartwarming......and I think I'm really going to like being a part of it.

It seems so much easier to work with animals than people, as evidenced by what is going on in DC.  I can't express how disgusted I am with it all, knowing that it is a contrived crisis that never had to happen.  Let me see if I understand this correctly......the debt ceiling allows us to deal with past issues/pay debt, while budget issues deal with future spending.  Never in the past have these two things been linked......until we have a President that some really want to fail.  Until now, Congress has been able to raise the debt ceiling without major issue because paying our debts has been sound fiscal should never be used as leverage, especially to hold all of us hostage to the "bizarro" politics of a few (Lord, I hope it's a few!).  And I love it that those who played a major role in getting us here, suddenly understand economics and see the importance of not overspending  (or establishing non-funded projects)!!!  Should you question that assumption, see below (from The Atlantic []. This is the best representation I've found......I'm keeping a copy in my purse for future discussions!

I don't think anyone denies that the deficit needs to be dealt with or that tax reform would not be welcomed, assuming it is equitable....but to be forced into something when your back is to the wall and by people who have not been in Washington long enough to know how things work, is not the way to do it.  Both parties would benefit from raising the debt ceiling, free and clear, and then sincerely and honestly tackling the deficit. What are the chances of that happening??

Needless to say, I have called and emailed all three of my feckless representatives, as well as protested Joe Wilson's office in Beaufort.  I'm going to have to stop watching the news because it just gets me so wound up and ultimately distressed.  I can't believe what we have become and the negativity behind it all.  It really is sad.


“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.”

-- Sir Winston Churchill 

 Let's hope we will finally get around to doing the right thing. I've got to go now.  The President asked us to call our congressman and senators again, and, in this district, we really need to speak up.  Keep your fingers crossed for us......even though we're shooting ourselves in the head!

Website Updates:

  • A new page devoted to Palmetto Animal League, which I hope you will check from time to time and enjoy.  There are two heartbreaking stories on there now, but with happy endings.
  • The Quotes page has been completely updated.
  • Three new recipes have been added to the Meatless Recipes page, two under Sandwitches, Wraps, etc and one Indian recipe.  Am having the Pindi Chana for lunch.......yum!
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