Saturday, March 12, 2011

What They Never Tell You......

My senior moments have become so frequent and there have been so many "balls in the air" that I've neglected to mention some of the other delights of growing older.  Then, I happened to run across a convenient list of what one can expect.  So, imagine that I'm David Letterman and here goes the "Top 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Aging"
  • #7   Your Feet Are Gnarly  (Yep!)
  • #6   Your Hands Are Veiny and Spotted   (Not too bad, but getting there)
  • #5   Your Teeth Become More Prominent   (I just hope they don't fall out!.)
  • #4   Your Nose and Ears Seem to Be Growing   (Oh, great.....Just what I need!!)
  • #3   Your Eyebrows Become Sparse  (Unless I draw them on, you don't know I have them anyway.)
  • #2   The Hair on Your Head Starts to Thin  (Don't even want to think about it)
  • And last but not least, #1  You Start to See More Hair on Your Face  (Yikes!)

That brings me to chin hair, the second of which I recently tweezed from the side of my face.  The first one I just fobbed off as a "once in a lifetime" oddity.  With the second one, I'm wondering if I'm soon to have a future as the bearded lady with Barnum and Bailey!

As if that isn't frightening enough, I'm now a redhead!  Over the summer, the chemicals on my hair lightened up to a nice color, but over the winter the gray began to take over.  So, I finally decided to do my semi-annual "coloring".  The shade was advertised as "dark golden blond" - not so!  The color guide on the box is never accurate so I really wasn't expecting that, but I also wasn't expecting red! I haven't made my way in life based on my good looks so I really could care less. I just know that it's such a contrast to the underlying gray that it will look very messy as it grows out. Blond worked out well because the gray just kind of blended in. My mother likes it because it's close (without the red tones) to my "natural" color.....when I was much younger, but it's too strong for someone my age.

Can't believe I just spent that much time talking about hair color.....

So much for the trials and tribulations of growing old.  Let's talk about something really important - Charlie Sheen!

On a more serious note, Pamela in California sent some interesting and useful information on how to pump gasoline......useful tips for getting more for your money.  You can get the info HERE.