Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is in the Air...

The Bradford Pear trees are providing the first burst of color of spring and the days are feeling much milder, in the 60s and 70s. It's great to be outside and I couldn't resist taking these photos on my neighborhood walk.

Things seem to have leveled out a bit, which didn't happen a minute too soon. That is not to imply that all is well with the world. With the horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, probable slaughter in Libya, and who knows what is happening in Bahrain and Egypt - haven't heard a word about them in ages. Our news media can only focus on the one event of the moment, everything else slides into oblivion. No wonder we, as a nation, can't deal with two concepts at the same time! I continue to tune in to Al Jazeera online as much as I can and found it interesting that Hillary Clinton complimented them, in a backhanded kind of way, by saying something to the affect that you may not like all they do but they are better than the rest!

Allan and I went to Japan once and I also stopped over on my own.  We had a wonderful time and the people were so generous and the culture so interesting.  Whatever the job, they were so devoted to doing it well that no stone was left unturned.  It got to the point that we thought twice before asking for anything because we didn't know the extent to which they would go to make it happen.  They are a gracious, strong people and they will recover from this devastation, but it is difficult to imagine what life is like for them at the moment. It's just heartbreaking to see and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

We are leaving Wednesday to take my mother back to NC.  If the truth be known, I think we are both dubious of it.  In any case, it is going to happen.  Tuesday I have several appointments and will be out of the house much of the day so Monday was our day to get organized for the trip.......but for some reason we undertook a huge yard project.  Well, when we started we didn't realize it would be so big, we were just going to "trim some low hanging branches".  The more we trimmed the more there was to trim....and we were rewarded by everything looking better and better.  So, hours later and four (4) car loads for debris to the dump, the job was complete.  That's the type of thing my mother enjoys doing and she was active all afternoon (though it's 9:30AM the following day and she's still in bed!).  The weather was so nice and the encouragement so motivating that I enjoyed it, scratches, sore muscles and all.

Today (Tuesday) has been busy and full.  I had a dental appointment that was surrounded by all of the things necessary to move my mother back to NC (setting up the cat crate in the car, packing her things, double checking that all is included, etc.).  It's now 8:30PM and all is done...except anything I need to do for myself!  That will happen as soon as I post this entry. 

My fun diversion was my Living Liberally group.  It was my friend Gayle's last meeting before her move, which was highlighted by our first gathering outside on the deck of the restaurant with a great view of the water and the sunset.....our first real "rite of Spring".  It was great, though bittersweet. We are losing another young person from our group and it's sad to see her go and to lose that enthusiasm and freshness.  My suggestion was that we institute a new policy that before the young ones from our group leave they have to provide a comparable replacement!  

More when I get back.....