Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy, Busy......and Another Senior Moment

I awakened this morning around 5AM with "monkey brain" - my thoughts ricocheting from one pending task to another.  Knowing that I would never go back to sleep, I got up and tackled the day.  My mother has developed a cough so the first priority was to call the doctor's office to see what was needed.  Lunch with a friend was on the schedule, followed by closing one back account and opening another.  Years after the big banks almost brought our economy to its knees, I've finally gotten around to moving my account from Bank of America.  It was done strictly on principle as I liked their online backing, etc.; BUT, a gray panther has to do what she can!!  To make it even harder, the girl at the bank couldn't have been nicer.  She had to giggle when she asked why I was closing the account and I told her I was "a little, old lady making a political statement."  My new bank is within walking distance, much smaller in size, has good online services, and is very friendly. All of that was prefaced by another day of visiting banks and gathering enough information to finally take the leap.

Tomorrow is another research day.  I'm comparing homeowner's and auto insurance.  I received my 6 month auto insurance statement and it went UP $80 on a 5 year old car.  Usually the insurance goes down as the car ages, assuming no accidents, etc.  I've spoken by phone with three people/companies and will discuss it with them in person tomorrow.   They've already provided some quotes that are much more reasonable than my current insurance so, in the end, it will be worth it, but this isn't the kind of thing I enjoy doing.......and it's also something I would probably let slide if I were still working, simply because of the time required.  But now I have no excuse.

Spent some time recently "hangin" with some of my younger friends from the Living Liberally group.  Rob and Amanda were in the group from early on and are such a nice couple.  He eventually went to work in Afghanistan for a couple of years and I tried to be as encouraging to them as possible.  He was then able to return and get a good job with the same company, except it was in Greenville, SC.  So, shortly after Cooper was born, they moved.  This past weekend they were back in town and the word went out (on Facebook, what else?) to join them for drinks at La Hacienda on Friday evening.  I was the oldest one there but it was so sweet of them to include me, and equally good to catch up.  There were others there whom I hadn't seen in a while because their jobs kept them from attending meetings, so it was a good reunion.

As  I've said before, one of the nice things about Living Liberally is the diversity of age within the group......and the young people are so open, accepting and pleasant. As with most things in this area, the group is populated with older people, and the younger folks show up by choice.....and they seem to enjoy being with us!  It's really great.  Anyway, a few weeks ago, Gayle (right) and I went for a walk on the beach on one of those first really great days.  On Tuesday, we found the new Bluffton Linear Walking Trail and walked it.  The day was beautiful and clear, the conversation eclectic, and the tone light......much more enjoyable than time spent with ladies my age.  But, as with Amanda and Rob and most young people who are here for any period of time, she and her husband are moving to NJ/NY area. He is already there and she will be leaving at the end of the month.  Her last Living Liberally meeting will be on the 15th.....but she already plans to visit the original chapter in NYC. Like Amanda and Rob, she will be missed by those of us who appreciate their wit, perspective, humor......and all those wonderful qualities that come with youth.

Interactive Segment: As proof that my brain has been overloaded, I experienced the ultimate senior moment. This is beyond wearing two distinctly different earrings....for days (which was karmic retribution from Mrs. Winfrey, my 6th grade teacher, whom we giggled at when she worn two different colored shoes).  In preparing my vegetarian grub over the weekend, I left all of the eggs out of a recipe!  No big deal, you say!  Could happen to anyone! Well, the recipe was for a quiche!!  Normally I would at least read down the ingredient list just to double check that everything is included, but I've done this recipe so often that I didn't even do that.  I was totally mortified......but at the same time it was too funny to fret over too long.  I'm sure (please God) that I'm not the only one out there stunning  themselves with senior moments. So, the interactive part of this is for YOU to share your funniest senior moments. Don't be shy.....and by now you must know that you are not alone. Use the comment section below to add to the conversation.