Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From White to Red....

No, we're not talking wine, we're talking the color progression of spring. A few windy days "deflowered" the Bradford Pears and their white blossoms were blown away and replaced by tender, green leaves. Overnight, the street looked like there had been a light snow but, thank goodness, it was only the delicate blooms from the trees. So, the white of the Bradford Pear has been replaced by the "red" of the mystery bush, which is abundant in the neighborhood. My mother liked it so well that I found out what it was and bought her one........but I've since forgotten the name. It comes in all shapes and sizes, trimmed or untrimmed. It really is beautiful and I've enjoyed seeing it's many faces. I hope you enjoy it, too.

I made it back safely from NC and am sure both my mother and I are happy to be on our own for a while.  It may be a little too optimistic, but I felt better about leaving her, and her ability to cope, than I have in a long time.  There seemed to be improvement with her GERD after leaving off a glass of juice first thing in the morning!!  I've been after her for months to give it a try.  She did it one day while here, but when I took her home I made a special plea for her to try several things for one week, one of which was to leave off the juice.  In a couple of days, she was much better.  I'm sure she's surprised as anything I say is to be taken with a grain of salt at best, foolish at worst.  My standard line is that I'm a freak of nature.....the only person who has ever lived 64 years and learned nothing!!  Anyway, I'm glad she's better and I hope she can maintain and enjoy the summer.

The trip back was unusually pleasant.  It's March Madness so I listened to UNC play and defeat Washington.  UNC has a young team and they were so rough that  I couldn't stand to watch them at the start of the season.  Just as that game was ending, I arrived in Bishopville, SC, which is the home of the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden.  Mr. Fryar has been covered on 60 Minutes as well as NPR on several occasions.  The garden is actually his (extended) yard, which he began in the 80s, with no topiary experience.  Many of the plants he salvaged from nursery throwaways.  In any case, I'd been meaning to find it but we always have a car load of kitties and it's never convenient.  This time there was actually a new sign pointing the way.  It was a Sunday so I didn't expect to be able to really view it, but as I was at the little information stand a car pulled up....it was Mr. & Mrs. Fryar returning from church.  I began to apologize for bothering them on a Sunday afternoon, when they invited me to pull my car into the driveway and look around, take as many photos as I liked.  So, I had the run of the garden.  After a little while, Mr. Fryar came out and chatted for a while, answered questions, etc.  It was a beautiful day and a totally enjoyable experience....the kind that just makes a day.  As you would expect, I have lots of photos......just not yet organized.  You'll see them as soon as they're ready.

Monday was a flurry of activity to get things back to normal.  Since one of my mother's cats sprays my house, I have to cover two sofas, take up all throw rugs, take plants off the floor (he eats them), and generally rearrange my house (as well as always have cleaning supplies at the ready).  Monday was devoted to putting the house back together.  Today I reseeded my front yard......at least I hope I have!  This isn't something I know anything about, but I did read up on it......if that counts.  It's the cheaper alternative to having it re-sodded, so keep your fingers crossed!  On both days I worked in a walk just to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and time of year.....though everything does have a yellow tinge.