Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Ends in a Flurry

The end of January proved to be busy and interesting.  My neighbor, Ana, and I went to an Artist Uncorked class, which didn't reveal any hidden talent on my part, but it was still lots of fun.  I'm not sure whether the amateurish results were due to too much or too little vino! Ana had been to one of these before and she felt that our teacher wasn't as thorough as the one in her first class.  So, I'm going to blame it on the instructor.....that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

The Artist Uncorked class was on a Thursday and, within a few days of that, I heard of a Live Well - Be Well program sponsored by Gulfstream in Savannah.  I looked it up online and the speakers were Martha Beck (of O Magazine fame) and Maria Shriver.  With it being so close to the date, I was surprised that tickets were available.....and that they were only $10!!  So, I quickly bought tickets online.  The event was on Saturday and was uplifting, motivating and totally enjoyable.  Both speakers turned out to be just as you would expect.  In the case of Maria S, she seemed down to earth, gracious, informed and very attractive......and, yes, her hair really is that gorgeous!  Their topic was how to handle the fast pace of change that is happening to us all, and it was informative and thought provoking.  There were also two breakout sessions, one before the main event and one after.  I was only able to make the one after, which was lead by Susan Hyatt, a trainee of Martha Beck.  It, too, was good.  This was the first time in a long time that I've done anything like that and it was enjoyable and I appreciated being able to participate.  This was actually the last in a four-part series done by Gulfstream.  The others included Dr. Oz and his wife, Suz Orman and Tony Robbins - all top notch speakers.  So, I'm hoping to get on their mailing list for the second series planned for later in the year.

I'm happy to report that my cold is is the best so far.  This coming week there is very little planned and there are a couple of days when the temp doesn't get out of the 30s (Yuck!), so I'm going to try to find a balance between cleaning the house and getting enough rest to feel normal again.

Unfortunately, my Baby Gabby is not feeling so well.  For some reason he stopped eating much/regularly and that threw his insulin out of whack.  He had to go to the vet and stay overnight, and we are trying to get things back in balance. He is eating a little now and is beginning to act more himself, though certainly not 100%.  It is a concern since he was my first kitty and he is the one who shows his affection the most.  He's 14 now and anything could happen......but I hope it won't!

My mother seems to be settling in again, and I will try not to do anything to upset that and I hope she won't have any more falls.  She is getting over her cold, but has been discharged from the physical therapist and the nurse.  The injection in the stomach has also ended.....thank goodness!!  She was not at all bad about having it, but I definitely didn't like giving it.  As you know, the people who have loved ones there quickly become friends.  Over the last two weeks, two residents whom we've gotten to know and like have died.  While it is sad, it is almost a relief for the family, and I think the support of those of us who see one another every day makes it a bit least I hope it does.  Mr. Al, who died day before yesterday, was one of those who always wanted and actively tried to get out, which made it very difficult for his wife.  

In spite of the last few things, it has been a good week, for which I'm thankful.  This coming week I have Living Liberally to look forward to, as well as lunch out with Janeen.  So, it should be a good week.  I hope yours is the same.