Friday, January 31, 2014

Correction: January Ends in a SNOW Flurry!

Wednesday, January 29
Who would'a thunk it?  One day it's 70 and the next there is ice on the ground! When I visited Mama yesterday early afternoon, it was so nice that we sat outside for a while to enjoy the beautiful day - warm, sunny, bright blue sky.  By 4PM the chill was noticeable and by 5:00 it had begun to drizzle.  I had planned to go to Living Liberally; but, the colder it got, the more I wanted to snuggle in!  When I looked out in the morning, there was a shiny ice film covering the driveway and an hour later a little bit of snow had accumulated.  Most of it has gone by now (3PM), but I've taken it as a real "snow day".  I've remained in my PJs and couch pouch (not a pretty sight!) all day and moved at my own pace to make a batch of cookies and a sandwich spread, tidy up the house and clean the floors. It has been a nice balance between being productive and being rested and relaxed.  While I definitely would not want a winter of this, one day every 10 years or so isn't bad at all!!

Friday, January 31
Yesterday Janeen and I got together for a leisurely lunch.  It had been quite a while since we'd been together and we sat and chatted for about two hours....a fun way to spend a cold, windy afternoon.  Today we are back in the 60s, heading for the 70s over the weekend.  I hope that was winter! 

This weekend the madness begins....Super Bowl (or for Colbert fans, Superb Owl!) and then weeks and weeks of winter Olympics.  I used to enjoy watching many sports but, to be honest, the doping as taken all interest out of it for me.  I'm so out of it that I had to Google to find out who was playing in the SB.  I knew Seattle was one team, only because of the recent outburst of their QB that got so much coverage.  Already there has been a security concern of some type, and I can only imagine the possibilities in Sochi.  I hope all will go well, but that has to be a concern for both competitors and spectators....such a shame.  Much more to my liking will be the Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl on Animal Planet.  The only security threat there is possible kidnapping due to extreme cuteness!

I've often been amazed that people can be so uninformed about current events, politics, etc.  I'm sure most of our citizens are much better informed on sports (or American Idol, etc) than politics, and how it can happen was brought to my attention when I realized that I managed to block out all of the Super Bowl hype.  So, I can see HOW it can  happen, but I do think it's worth our (collective) time to pay a little attention to our government, which affects our life every day.  Oh, well, not going to happen!!