Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is Happening to Us?

The month is flying by and I'm not sure where it has gone.......hope that's not the way the whole year will go.  And I certainly hope the events in Tucson do not portend the remainder of the year for our country.  How many of these mass killings have to occur before we begin to make some changes?  Why does it always seem to befall the most innocent? 

It's been amazing to watch all of the talking heads dance around the use and misuse of inflammatory language in politics, being too politically correct to hit the nail on the head.  Okay, there is no direct connection between Sarah Palin and the shooting ......I get that. But do we really believe that she and those like her who use such incendiary language day-in-and-day-out do not contaminate our culture.......and have no responsibility for the tone set and/or actions suggested by that language?  We are talking about our leaders here, people who, in the past, were expected to set a good example (and usually people who profess to be of deep faith....that always gets me!).   If they do not "intend" the impressions given by the words and symbols they use, then choose different words and symbols that more accurately represent your intentions......there are lots of them!!  Palin, Bachman, Limbaugh, Beck, etc. have built careers on appealing to the lowest common denominators.....fear, prejudice,ignorance.  They are masters of pushing right up to the line and as far over as they can go, without having to accept responsibility for anything.  And I'm not sure which is more disheartening, the fact that they are so unconscionable as to operate like that (on a regular basis) or that there are so many people who support them in doing so.........(And have you noticed the sudden silence now that someone has actually acted with the bravado suggested??  Silence, but no acknowledgment that the tone will be improved in case it might contribute to such horrendous acts.)

And what is our obsession with guns?  How many people are going to have to die before someone has the guts to press from gun regulation??  Is there a rational reason that anyone should have an automatic weapon?  Why do we always have to jump to the extreme and assume that regulation is going to immediately lead to confiscation?  Where is our sense of reason??  The only people I have heard or read appealing for gun control are James Brady and his wife and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy from NY state, all of whom have been directly and seriously affect by gun violence. No one else seems to feel any responsibility to make our country safer and less would mean standing up to the NRA!

Maybe my pensive mood has been brought on by cabin fever.  Our weather has been cold and not  conducive to my daily walks.  The first two days I just enjoyed a break, but I really didn't want to let it go too long.  So, for the last few days I've done yoga. It must have been around the end of 2009 when my mother was going through her health problems that I broke my yoga routine.  For some reason, I was never able to pick it up again.  Surprisingly, I've really enjoyed the few times I've done it.  The walking is great, but so is the stretching, and I hope to maintain them both in some combination.

Part of our Living Liberally group
We weren't able to go to NC as planned.  My mother wasn't feeling well on the day we were to leave, so we are now hoping to go up sometime this coming week.  In the meantime, we have taken care of doctor's appointments, vet appointments, been to a musical show by Al (Rita's husband)......and I went to a very enjoyable Living Liberally group. We are expecting Dennis (cousin) and Carol today through Friday, and I have a few lunch dates with friends. So, January is going quickly and we've been busy.

I send my heartfelt condolences to Pauline and her family on the passing of Phil. 
He was a lovely, gentle, fun loving man and he will be missed.