Wednesday, January 26, 2011


More birthday messages arrived and I have added cards to the slide-show in the precious post, so please check it out. Thanks again to everyone who was in made my day!  I also wanted to pass this tidbit along to friends in a similar age......and have you noticed that we've suddenly reached the dubious age range of "60+", like it's too high to even count!!.

January has flown by with little recollection of how I've spent my time.  We've gotten my mother's dental work done and she's getting accustomed to her new lower denture.  I have to give her credit, she is persistent, as she was when she got her uppers some years ago.  It isn't easy or comfortable, but she isn't giving up.  She's also gotten some new medication for her digestive problem and it seems to be doing the trick. She has several more follow-up appointments through next month and, if she gets good reports, will be eager to get back to NC......where it will all fall apart again!  That seems to be the routine.

This week has been devoted to setting up my new printer.  I'm really pleased with it on several counts:
  • it is smaller and faster than my old one, with the usual improvement in technology over the intervening years.
  • it's wireless, which set up easliy with my desktop computer (using XP operating system), but didn't speak to my new laptop (Windows 7), which is the one I really wanted it to work with.
  • it's a refurbished product, which means I'm recycling (as in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)....and it's inexpensive.  This is the second refurnished product I've purchased and all have worked well.  As far as I can tell, they are all refurnished by the manufacturer (unless someone has figured out how to scam it) and they appear to be totally new, down to the packaging, exterior, everything.  They also come with the same warranty as new products, so what have you got to lose, except the possible inconvenience if you have to return it. So, my new HP6500 All-in-One wireless was only $89......advertised for $99, but I had a 20% coupon!  That's hard to beat.
My plan is to get rid of my desktop computer, so I had to get the printer set up to my laptop. I did everything I knew to do then read the forums of HP website, which quickly convinced me that it was beyond my capabilities.  So, yesterday was devoted to phone support, which can often be a nightmare.  However, this was the only time I've ever called computer support and gotten right through!!  The nice guy in the Philippines then remotely took control of my computer and solved the problem.  I could sit here and watch on the monitor what he was doing.....that just amazes me!  So, now it is up and running perfectly.

Sharon and I had lunch recently, which was fun.  My mother and I also had a day at the Sam's Club in Savannah.  We had only been there once before and that was around Christmas....not the best time.  This visit was much less chaotic and we had plenty of time to browse.  We then went to Ruby Tuesday's for a late lunch and it was equally quiet.  It was a very relaxing kind of shopping.

Other than that, I'm continuing my walking routine as often as possible.  Yesterday there was a steady rain all day long so we just made it an "inside" day.  Today is a bit warmer but very windy.  Even so, I got out and really enjoyed it after a two day lay-off.  I really miss running into Rhoda and Miss Cleo and have thought of them often, especially wondering how Cleo is doing.  I'm hoping she is also attached to Rhoda's husband and that he will pamper her as Rhoda did.  There was a new guy on the block, though.......a little, long-haired dachshund, chasing all the leaves stirred up by the wind.....very cute!