Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Official

It's official......I'm off to the Rally to Restore Sanity on Saturday. It has taken me forever to make a decision as I seem to have relapsed into that old  Aramco indecisiveness!!  I've dithered around for weeks while one plan after another fell through and train tickets went up in price.  Even with all that, I couldn't let it go, so Thursday night I purchased tickets.  There's a group from Sun City going, none of whom I know, but I'm tagging along with them.  We're going up by train, leaving Savannah at 8PM Friday evening.  We arrive at Union Station, perfectly situated for the events, at 7:30AM (11+hours!!).  That gives plenty of time to have breakfast, wander around and get positioned for the rally, which runs from noon until 3PM.  Then there will be more wandering around and dinner, before catching the 7:30PM train back to Savannah, arriving at 6:45AM Sunday morning.  It sounds grueling but if the folks from Sun City can do it, I should be able to keep the pace, too (I'm hoping).

It should be lots of fun even though there have been no announcements as to speakers, entertainment, etc.  Jon Stewart (Rally to Restore Sanity) and Stephen Colbert (Rally to Keep Fear Alive)  should be able to keep it rolling for three hours, though I'm sure there will be others featured.  If I understand it correctly, their TV shows will be from DC this week and there has even been scuttlebutt that President Obama might appear on one of them.  Am hoping they will begin to share plans throughout the week, to add to the excitement. 
For having no plans at the beginning, the weekend was quite busy.  The concert on Friday  night was excellent and it was nice to have it take place right down the street.  It started at 7:30 (earlier than usual) and ran straight through, without intermission, which I really liked.  They seemed to be noting everyone's zip code so I'm hoping they are using that info to determine whether or not it's worth doing more things out our way, as opposed to having to always drive on island.

On the spur of the moment, I went to the next-to-last day of the Bluffton festival on Saturday....the weather was just too nice to pass it up!!  I hate to keep harping about our weather, but it continues to be beautiful.  Today (Tuesday) we are close to breaking the warmest temperature on this date in history!!  I'm still in shorts and flip-flops.  Anyway, the festival was a totally relaxing way to spend the afternoon - I looked to my heart's content, took photos, ran into a few friends, then settled with a glass of wine and listened to the bands.  Totally civilized!!

On Sunday, I forfeited my morning news shows to go to the Unitarian Church to hear Imam Ali from the mosque in Savannah.  Who knew there was a mosque in Savannah??  I keep tabs on the Unitarians because I know some of them from my Living Liberally group (two of their members started the local chapter) and they always seem to come up with some interesting programs.  Anyway, the Imam did the sermon on "Balanced Communities", which was sensible and thought provoking.  There was a social time after the service and then he stayed for Q&A.    He prefaced it all by inviting questions and assuring everyone that he would not be offended by whatever was asked. He was very personable, knowledgeable and gave thoughtful answers. I didn't get home until almost 1PM, but it was worthwhile and enlightening.

An unexpected, positive side effect of going to the Unitarian service was that I met another lady who is going to the rally on Saturday.  She has since put me in touch with others who are going and I'm now feeling part of the group......I'm on the "official" list.  It seems that there will be about 15 of us and I'm even riding to the train station with a lady who is coming from the island.  So, things are shaping up nicely for the rally.