Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall is in the Air

We continue to have absolutely fabulous, crisp mornings that warm to the low 80s as the day goes on.  It's been this way for several weeks and I hate to think of it coming to an end.  So as to take advantage of it all, my neighbor and I went to the opening day of the Bluffton Seafood and Arts Festival.  We took our chairs and sat on the bluff overlooking the May River (by the Church of the Cross) for the Blessing of the Fleet....I was thinking shrimp fleet, but it was the "pleasure" fleet!!  Even so, it was fun and a great thing to do on a beautiful October day. 

Once the blessing was over, we turned our chairs around for a gospel music concert by a very charming and entertaining Kim Polote and her band. From there, we walked down the street to The Dispensary for another concert by the Volunteers, the Army Field Band.  They were also very good and all of it made for a totally relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

Other than that, I've been a little more productive since my last post, but it's been a slow build!! I've had several bursts of cleaning, with a general tidying up and cleaning all of the drawers in my bathroom - again disposing of some things that date back to Saudi days!!  Next I hope to tackle my closet.

I visited Rita and she seemed to be doing well under the circumstances.  The interesting thing was that she was playing cards with her friend.......with no problem.  There was only one time when she got a little confused but quickly "got it"........but, when she tried to speak, it was either a jumble of words or a real struggle.  The human mind and body are amazing and baffling things!! She was pleased to see me and I'm glad I went, and hope to see her again soon.  

Wednesday I joined Sharon for lunch and also ran into several other people from my synagogue days.  We enjoyed catching up and it was good to see everyone.  Tomorrow night I'm going to the choral society concert, songs of, it's been a good week for music.

Just heard from Jan, who today went to a rally for her Senator, Patty Murray.  It also featured President Obama, which must have been exciting.  I remember seeing him in Jacksonville before the election, and it was electric.  He does have lots of charisma and, as I said to Jan, I hope he can get everything working in time to be re-elected.  As bad as things have been (and as much as everyone is complaining), it helps me to think of where we would be if he had not been elected.........think McCain/Palin!!

Just for fun.......