Friday, July 22, 2016

Hot! Hot! Hot!

This has been a summer like no other.  We have had days at a time where the heat index is between 110 and 115F.  Rosie and I try to get out early (for us!), but there have been morning when we've come in panting (Rosie) and soaked (me).  We try to get a long walk in the morning because we never know when it will cool enough in the evening.  It's really the hottest it's been since I've lived here.

My trip to NC was enjoyable, though fairly spur-of-the-moment.  I received an invitation from a cousin on my father's side, to a combined birthday celebration for him and his wife.  A couple of days later, I got an email from a cousin on the other side to let me know he was going to have a heart catherization the following day.  With all of that coming at once, I felt it was time to go up and touch bases with everyone.  So, I drove up on Saturday, had a little time with Laney and Julious before going to the party for Bill and Betty.  It was held at a "fish camp" between Wadesboro and Charlotte and they had invited loads of people, including cousins and childhood friends whom I only get to see occasionally.  It was lots of fun.  Betty had suffered a difficult year health-wise and it was good to see that she was feeling better. They were very good to visit Mama, which meant a lot to me, and I was honored they included me.

The following day, Laney, Julious and I went to Aberdeen, NC to visit cousin Wayne.  His test turned out well and eliminated heart issues, but did not determine the cause of the problem.  Laney took lots of good food and we enjoyed that and had a leisurely afternoon of catching up.  Wayne is such a sweet man and I'm thinking part of his problem is stress.  Both of his brothers died within a year of one another and he goes out of his way to do all he can for all families.  Add to that, the pressure of work would be enough to stress anyone. He was going to have further tests to see if they can get to the root of the problem.  I hope things will be okay.

We crashed and burn on Monday, July 4, by having a quiet day at home before cousins Betty and Peggy joined us for dinner. During my stay, Laney provided food for everyone and then sent me home with a car load, all of which was delicious AND I didn't have to cook for two days.  It was a good visit and I'm glad I went......though I wasn't looking forward to the drive.

Otherwise, life continues as usual - lunching, zentangle, reading, politics (!), Rosie.....and a lot of nothing..  My neighbor came over to let me know that she and her husband had to have Grady, Rosie's boyfriend, put to sleep..He had gotten to the point he could not move very much, nor was he eating.  I know how difficult that is and I hated to hear it.  He was an "older man" and just loved Rosie.  As soon as he saw her, he would throw his head back and howl until they got together.  It was a riot.  Gail said they both agreed to be Rosie's god-parents if ever I needed them!  Rosie definitely has her fan club......and I'm just her attendant!!

Our social committee has started having live music at the club house pavilion once a month through the summer, which is very nice.  I was surprised at how many people were in the pool, which makes total sense, but there were others just chatting, eating, etc.  For a place this size, we have lots of music venues, but it's especially nice to have it right down the street.

Well, never a dull moment!  Last Sunday I went into town (HHI) for a little shopping, which I rarely do.  The whole time I was there, the sky was dark out our way and there was continuous thunder.  I tried to complete things as quickly as I could and finally got home around 2:30.  As I drive into the driveway, there was half of the Wax Myrtle lying across the parking area of the driveway.  With all the thundering and darkness, I never ran into rain or wind, so I was very surprised to see this!  Needless to say, that changed my plans for Monday!  Luckily, the house was not damaged, nor was the shrubbery. 

Last night I joined friends in Sun City to hear Dr.Michael Greger speak about plant-based diets.  Sun City has a group called "Eat Healthy, Live Longer" with several hundred members.  Dr. Greger (How Not to Die) was here speaking with Dr. Joel Fehrman at a health seminar/weekend to the tune of $1200-$1500/person.  The Sun City group was able to have him speak to their members for free...and I was lucky enough to know some of them!!  Camille had Liz and myself over for a vegan dinner, which was delicious.  She was ushering for the event, so we got there early and got great seats.  Dr. Greger obviously enjoys people and he  presented a lot of scientific info in a very user-friendly way.  The room held 550 people and they had to close the doors 10 minutes before the program began!  Many in attendance were like the three of us - steady vegetarians or vegans.....but it's always good to get positive reinforcement.

Next weekend I'm off to Virginia for an I DO BBQ!  My cousin Cissy's (who died of cancer about 10 years ago of cancer)  son got married early in the year. He and his wife are having a gathering for friends and family to celebrate the event and renew their vows. It will be at Gunston Hall at/near George Mason University.  It will all be new to me and I'll look forward to seeing Justin, Tara, Jim and others, as well as enjoying the grounds. It will be a wonderful opportunity to touch bases with family, as well as seeing a younger generation beginning a new adventure.   It's so tempting to offer lots of advice and "wisdom", but I know we each have to travel our own path and learn from our own experience.  If they are happy together, I'm happy for them!

Other than that, I'm just trying to stay cool and do something constructive, from time to time!!  Basically, I feel that time is flying by and I'm accomplishing nothing.  I spend far too much time following politics, which should depress anyone!  I'll be glad when November is behind us!