Friday, July 1, 2016

From One Holiday to Another

It's July 4th weekend and another month has gone.  I'l leaving tomorrow for NC and this is just a last minute effort to touch bases before more time passes.  It's 7PM so, needless to say, this will be brief and without proof-reading, so if it doesn't make sense I'll try to touch it up when I get back (already know that the video needs more work!).

Shortly after Labor Day I joined a Mom's Demand Action Against Gum Violence walk here in Bluffton.  We started at the Church of the Crossed and walked through the Farmer's Market, across HWY 46, ending at Captain Woody's for lunch and wine.  You never know how that might go around here but, by and large it was well received.  I think there was one obnoxious person, but I missed him all together.  Quite a few people even cheered us on, so it turned out better than expected. Can you spot my feet and legs??

There have been the usual lunch with friends, Liberal Ladies, Progressive Ladies, Drinking Liberally, and a few games of Canasta, which I'm enjoying more.  Rosie finally finished Puppy 2 class so we can take that off our schedule for a while.  She did fine in the class, it just took us a while to make up missed classes.

Tidewater Hospice, who cared for my mother, invited all of our "Lunch Bunch" from Bloom for lunch at Truffles.  It was so good to see everyone, especially since Blake and Helen had passed away after Mama.  It was really a tight, caring group and it was thoughtful of Tidewater to get us all together again.  Little did we know that they also picked up the tab!!  None of us expected that!

Then on June 19th, I went to the Juneteenth Celebration at Fish Hall Creek (Mitchelville Beach).  The days leading up to it were sweltering, with the heat index being well over 100. The heat broke and the sky was overcast with a pleasant temperature, so it was just nice to be outside enjoying the scenery, displays, entertainment, etc.  I was a totally enjoyable day, and then I had dinner with four ladies from my Synagogue days.....lots of fun.

Well, I'm going to have to wrap it up here.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, with great plans for this weekend.

Happy 4th of July animation