Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well, It's Official.....

......I'm now much closer to 70 than 60!  That's hard to believe, which I guess is a good thing since I don't feel this age....unless I look in a mirror.  One good thing about not having anything to be vain about is that it is one less unavoidable disappointment later in life.  I read an article recently about arriving at that stage in life when you become aware that it is the last time you will be doing or experiencing certain things.  Those times aren't rushing toward me at this point, but I have determined this will be the last house that I own, and I can make that decision without a lot of regret; in fact, it feels like relief!

My birthday was made special by hearing from friends, near and far, as well as family.  The atmosphere here was chilly and quiet, which made the contact with friends more meaningful.  Over a period of three days, I receive lots of special calls and cards, as well as a hoard of messages by social media, which for me means Facebook.  I have to admit that it's also nice to hear from acquaintances who would not otherwise even know it was my birthday; but by knowing, sent good wishes, too.  The Wednesday before I got together with a friend for lunch and she treated, which was unexpected and very thoughtful. A truly heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who was in meant more than you know.

The month of January has been as chilly inside as outside.  My mother has hardly spoken to me, certainly not civilly, since early in the month when, once again, I had to tell her that she couldn't go home and stay on her own.......nor will she consent to a visit if she can't stay!  She saw her doctor yesterday and we discussed it again.  She said all of her relatives were in NC, etc.  and would take care of her, and the doctor asked if any had asked her to live with them since she needed full time care, whether family or paid assistance.  I said that being in NC wasn't possible and she didn't want to be with me, so what was Plan C?  That plan would be assisted living, which is not covered my Medicare and very expensive (and she won't consider selling the house to afford that option, nor is she likely to ever volunteer to go anyplace where she might meet new people).  Another option might be a nursing home, which under certain circumstances could be paid by Medicaid.  Anyway, I wanted it all clearly stated to her one more time in hopes that she will be able to process some of it and improve her outlook, though I'm not holding my breath.  I'm realizing more and more that there are going to be difficult decisions somewhere down the line.

We have had a few good moments.  Several weekends ago, we went out to Ridgeland to Maranatha Farms animal rescue.  They mostly rescue dogs, and there were dogs of every size, shape and description.  The best feature of the place was the space.  Everything was fenced, but the dogs had lots of space to run, play and otherwise cavort.  It was wonderful to see and, if I didn't already have a house full of cats, there was one (Penny) that would have come home with me!!  It was a pleasant way to spend a beautiful day and my mother was as pleasant and sociable as you please!

It's the simple daily pleasures that keeps me going, and this one warmed my heart.  You may already know that occasionally on my walk, I go to the Kroger mall.   I always check out the two feral cat colonies along the way.  When I got to the one at the Comfort Suites area, I discovered that their caretakers had built a little shelter for them.  It was so cute.....two levels with a shingle roof....and all of their eating plates were neatly lined up.  Of course, there wasn't a cat in sight!!!  Cats don't like change, but they will always find the food, so I'm sure they will grow to like the little hut.  I've been back several times.....once to show Mama and another to take this photo.  On one visit, the designer and builder was there and he seemed pleased that someone had noticed and appreciated.  He took me on a tour and pointed out the's made for a crate in which a glass item had been shipped.  There are food bowl holders that are secured to the floor.  The plates just fit into them and can't be pushed around.  They whole idea was so sweet and I loved it!

As I'm writing this, there are three men in the back of the house working feverishly to replace my carpets.  They were cutting it in the driveway and I was pleased to see that the color in a large block is as nice, if not nicer, than in a six inch swatch.  These guys have obviously done this before.....they are speedy, pleasant and professional.  The company was recommended by a Living Liberal friend who was in the flooring business and, so far, he has been right on target. In preparation for this, we were asked to move all of the small items off dressers, etc.  We actually moved as much as we could, leaving only the heavy furniture.  Everything was piled in the living and dining rooms, and as I was schlepping things in, I was registering which items would be returned and which would be discarded.  Six PM update: the carpets were in by 1:30 and they look great and smell fresh. The guys were great and the job well done.  I'm so glad it's done!

Gabby is now on four units of insulin in the morning and three in the evening.  He seems to be more himself and to  feel better, though there are times when that doesn't seem to be the case.  I keep forgetting that he's thirteen (about 68 in people years) and that's pretty old for cats.  His hair is thinning and, because he has always "trimmed" his stomach hair, and now the inside of his legs, he looks very thin and elderly from behind. He is also not as agile as he once was.  I certainly don't want him to be in pain or suffer, but so far the good days seem to outnumber the bad.  He has to go back to the vet for another (and what I hope will be his final, at least for a while) glucose curve.  I feel like we're almost there and I hope when that is correctly regulated he will feel much better.

Am including this photo of Chloe because it's just too cute to omit!  i think she is as amazed as I at a cleared desk!