Sunday, August 5, 2012

Memories, Humor and the Other Mother.....

Since being back from NC I've been dead tired.  Last Sunday I didn't even walk.  The two days following were dark and rainy, so I had an imposed rest, which was very welcomed.  Even so, we've been on the go and it's been difficult to feel rested.

Forgot to show the invitation to the anniversary part, which I thought was very nice.

The gathering connected me with a childhood friend, who emailed a photo of our youth group.  In the last post you saw the after.  This is the before of Diana, Melba and me!  She mentioned this trip and, to be honest, I hardly remembered.  That's why I can never be accused of living in the past!

The political commentary in the last post also solicited similar responses from readers....

Well, "the other mother" has been in residence all week, so it hasn't been easy.  She's taken issue with my going out with friends, which happens no more that twice a week for a few hours.  With the exception of that time, I do all I can to be helpful to her in any way needed. I'm going to try again to get her involved with the local senior center, but at the moment she has therapy twice a week through August and that's about as much as I can handle along with everything else.  I'm also trying to get "talking books" through the state library for the blind......mostly to get equipment designed for blind and low vision people.  We got a CD player but the controls were so small that she couldn't use it, so I'm hoping their equipment will be better designed for elderly, blind, etc. 

You'll get a kick out of this.......I asked my  mother if she would feel better if I got someone to stay with her when I went out - No!
Would she be willing to go to the senior center - No!
Was there anything I could do to help her feel better - No!
I got so many "nos" to every question that I finally asked if she was a secret Republican?  To that I got a loud NO!  I have to look for humor wherever I can find it!

Anyway, this week has been very disheartening for me......I know that no matter how difficult it is for me,  it's more difficult for her and I try to keep that in mind, but it's still hard.  My friend Pamela said that I needed a break and we talked, very generally, about an overnight trip to Charleston or Savannah.  She went straight home and booked the hotel for early September.  She then emailed the info, along with a disclaimer that she really didn't want me to think she was scolding me for being attentive to my mother, but that I needed a break, too.  I know her intentions were good and I appreciate her concern, but I know one/I can only move at one's/my own pace.  I know that I have to carve out time and space for myself, but it isn't easy and it isn't eased by my mother.  But, I am planning to move ahead with the trip (two days, one night) to Charleston.  I know my mother isn't going to like it and there will be lots of drama, but if I ever want to be able to do anything, I have to go ahead and break the ice.  So, wish me luck!!