Saturday, July 14, 2012

From July 4th Onward....

So much time has passed that I had to look back on  my calendar to determine when I last posted. So, I'll start with the 4th of July.  We mostly diddled around for much of the day and then drove out to Sun City in the evening to partake of their fireworks.  It's usually a nice display and we have learned where to park for prime viewing.  I was afraid the heat would be too much for Mama but it cooled nicely, with a little breeze.  It was the perfect type of thing for her to enjoy.

We've also started mall walking.  My mother is afraid her legs are going and she's not comfortable walking around the neighborhood, not that she could in the heat.  So, we find a nice store we want to browse in and she walks around to her heart's content......not that it's all that much.  It just gets her out and keeps her moving.

It seems that I've been constantly busy with both my "things" and my mother's "things", all of which flow into a mindless stream of activity.  Keeping busy seems to have become my way of coping.  I've had lunch with several friends (Janeen, Carolyn, Pamela), which is both a joy and a strain!  My walks are my real release and, as you can see from the photo, the crepe myrtles are in bloom and I love seeing them.  The heat has made it a real challenge, but I've been rewarded for my effort.  One morning I saw four rabbits and concluded that they're on an earlier morning schedule than I am.  I also spotted a turkey hen with three chicks, the first chicks I've seen.  Just today I met a second man in the community who looks after a colony of feral cats.  I had spotted his little set up at the end of a parking lot, so I frequently walk by just to see which cats are there.  Today he was feeding them and we had a nice chat.

As though I don't have enough distractions in my life, I've succumbed to the temptation of the iPad.  The thought was percolating when Cheryl and I got together several weeks ago. And, as luck would have it, she had just gotten one and we sat and played with it over lunch.  That was really all it took!  I went to Best Buy just get information about it, and walked out with one.  Our nearest Apple Store is Charleston and  there was no real difference in price (BB has their own service plan, offers classes, etc), so it seemed more logical to buy it locally.  So with everything else that has been going on, I've been playing with it and trying to learn how to use it.  It really is lots of fun.  I resisted a "smart phone" for so long, not wanting to go for the glitz - or the hefty monthly charge - and I'm so pleased that I waited for this.  It really is perfect for me.  Today I took it for its first outing - to the island for some shopping.  It was "active" the whole time and I was able to email a friend from Sam's parking lot.  It gives me hope that I may be able to stay in contact with the real world when we go to NC.  Usually my cell phone doesn't even work at my mother's.  Neither may work there, but I'm sure the iPad will work when we're out and about.  Stay tuned......
Today I've been busy adding "apps" and the fun stuff!

That pretty well catches you up to the present.  Next week, however, will be a busy one.  We're going to the Storm Eye Institute in Charleston on Wednesday to see if they can help Mama's vision (from the hemorrhage when she fell).  That will be an all day thing and I'm not sure how she will hold up.  We also plan to go to NC on Friday for my cousin's 50th wedding anniversary party.  I'm really playing this by ear and it will strictly depend on how she feels after Charleston and what she is able to do (as I explained when I RSVPed to the invitation).  I think it's too much, but we'll just have to see.  Once back from that (if we go), she begins therapy on her shoulder (also from the fall) the following week.  So, the constant activity continues.

For my Aramco friends.......

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