Monday, April 9, 2012

Things Are Quieter.....

 It seems so long since I've written; but, suffice it to say  that things have quietened a bit......thank heavens!  My mother is feeling better and we've been getting out a bit, which is good for her and helps build strength.  I've become good at seizing the day, especially if it's going well!!

But, to catch you up, I had lunch with my friend Sharon (from synagogue days).  We have lots to talk about as she has two elderly parents living at Indigo Pines, one is 97 and the other 94!!  We have both recognized that if anyone asks "how's your mom/parents", it's like turning on a faucet....we get going and can't turn it off.  We try to curb it and her standard line has become "status quo".....but, as she says, she's always lowering the bar!!

We found a table outside at the Main Street Cafe where we could convene and commiserate.  As soon as we sat down, she gave me the pocket charms shown here - because she knew I needed a boost. That was so sweet and thoughtful.....I was teary almost before we got seated!  I do okay most of the time but find myself really touched by the kindness of means so much.  Anyway, we had a long, leisurely lunch and I left feeling better......and I hope Sharon did, too.

At home, we've had a couple of very nice afternoons sitting out on the patio, just enjoying the nice weather.  My mother finds it difficult to relax (NOT one of my problems!) and I think she was surprised to find it relaxing and calming. We have had a few days in the 80s but now we're back in the 70s, which makes us think the heat of summer might be delayed a least we're hoping, because this weather has been almost perfect!

On Sunday we went to church....not part of my usual routine but, with it being Easter, I thought my mother might like to go.  Much to my surprise (due to her usual fear of meeting new people), she said she'd like it. The service was nice and we both enjoyed it.  After lunch, she rested and I took a nice, long walk.  It was just too beautiful to stay inside, so we took our chairs and went to the Church of the Cross and sat on the bluff overlooking the May River.  We've been there lots of times before, but this was the first time they had the door of the church, which is like a Gothic arch, outlined all around with a wide garland of greenery and white flowers, as well as beautiful window boxes.  It was fantastic.......and I'd forgotten my camera.

Our lovely weather was perfect for our ventures today.  We went to Dempsey Farms to pick strawberries.  I've been over in much hotter weather and, believe me, this was a treat.  The farm had also been closed for Easter weekend and all of the plants were full of berries, so it was easy pickin'.

As we approached the farm, I saw a sign for Hunting Island Lighthouse, which was only 7 miles away.  As we paid for the strawberries, I asked about it and he said it was straight down the road - I've been to the lighthouse before, but from a different direction.  He (Ted) asked if we planned to stay there long and I told him that we would probably just drive through and see what we could see.  He then offered the use of his pass into the park, if we would just drop it off on our way back!  That was such a nice thing to do....for total strangers!  Though we hadn't planned on it, his offer was too good to pass.  We were actually able to drive right to the beach and my mother got out and walked on the beach, savoring the warmth of the sun (as she had been cool sitting under a live oak at the farm).  We also got just as close to the lighthouse.....and spent some time meandering (by car!) through the very tropical vegetation .  It was a nice little adventure that just developed as we went along.  We returned the pass to Ted and told him that he had made our day......which he had!