Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home Alone (Except for my Kitties)

Well, I'm home after taking my mother back to NC, against my better judgement.....but, to be perfectly honest, I need a break!  And, that's where she wants to be.  Advice on this issue is divided.....some people tell me to be "the parent" and make decisions for her.  Others tell me that she is in command of her faculties and, therefore, still in charge of her destiny.  The best result is probably someplace in between.  My wish is that she would decide to make the rest of her life easier and let me help her with that......probably not a realistic expectation!!  In any case, I hope we will both use this time to relax and refresh and that, whatever the future holds, we will handle it with more grace and care than this last episode.

I returned to my kitties, who were pretty shell shocked by the time I left for NC.  Even they seemed pretty depressed......they would sleep ALL the time, sometimes in the closet or under the bed!  The house looks like a bomb hit it, but it will have to wait until tomorrow to begin the shoveling out process.  The only thing I have had energy enough to do, thus far, has been laundry, so I did 5 loads as fast as I could....bed linens, rugs, furniture covers, clothes, etc........clean laundry was piled everywhere. It was finally put away yesterday, so things look a little better.

I got back home on Thursday and had a relaxing morning on Friday.  My first task was to take a nice, long walk.  I then showered, had lunch and went to the library to see "Inside Job".  It's been on my Netflix list forever, but I figured this my best bet to see it.  I also wanted to see whether or not many people (whom I would assume to be mostly liberals) showed up.....and, actually, the room was full.  It was very informative and downright scary, especially since not much has been done to prevent the financial disaster from happening again.......very discouraging.  Then, Saturday morning I went to the Beaufort County Democratic Convention, even putting my name forward as a delegate or alternate to the state convention.  Being a relative unknown within the party, it's doubtful that I'll make it as a delegate, but I'm hopeful to be an alternate. Deval Patrick will be the keynote speaker, and he should be motivational. Keep your fingers crossed.  So, that's why only laundry has gotten done to date......but now I have no excuses.

There were also some pleasant surprises in my waiting email.  There was a short notice invitation to meet Cheryl for lunch on Thursday when she was on her way to Camden to visit her sister and family.  Unfortunately, we missed connection because I didn't get home until 3PM, but we hope to meet up on her way home or sometime soon.  I also had an email from my new friend Pamela......the friend I met at the Rally to Restore Sanity and who shortly thereafter moved back to California.  Her mother is not doing well so she's coming back for about 6 months......and figures she will need some break time.  It will be good to look forward to socializing with a kindred spirit.  So, the future does hold some positive possibilities.