Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where has the time gone??

Mother's Day Lunch.......good photo of Mama, not so much of me.
Seems like ages since I've written and I really don't know where the time has gone....or what I've done with it!  My trip to NC was very nice.  My cousin Laney invited us down for a birthday dinner for her husband and our twin cousins, all born on April 30th.  I'm not sure why the dinner was given so late, but it worked out well for me and we enjoyed seeing them all.  It was a lovely afternoon and we ate out on the porch.  Everyone was in good humor and it was lots of fun.  On Sunday I took my mother out for a Mother's Day lunch and, needless to say, we did some shopping afterwards.  Then on Monday I took her to get her hearing and her hearing aid checked.  By then it was time for me to get home to my kitties.

June 23rd will be my mother's 90th birthday and I'm planning a reception for her on the 19th, the Sunday before her actual birthday.  I'm taking the easy way out and having it catered at Sullivan Place, a B&B in Wadesboro. They will take care of the details, which makes it easier on both of us.  Invitations went out earlier this month and it looks like we'll have a good turnout.  In searching around for something a little different, I found a site that does a compilation of things that happened in the year of one's birth, everything from the price of various items, to political events, personalities, can see it HERE.  It's really kind of fun and I think my mother will get a kick out of it.  I've made copies of it for guests to have as favors, along with two recent photos of my mother. The photo of her with her cat (shown in a recent post) is one of them, actually the one I like best because it's her at home, where she's happiest.  This is the other, which was made on Mother's Day.  So, I'm looking forward to the event and hope it will be a memorable day for her.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

Other than that, it's been the usual things of life......trying to get my house tidied up, washing the car, pampering my kitties, walking daily, etc.  I came home wanting some "at home" time, and I've really enjoyed having it this week.  My only social outing was last night, when I was the greeter at our Living/Drinking Liberally group.  We had a nice gathering. Some time ago I had gotten a windshield sticker (shown below) and liked it so much that I contacted the folks again and, knowing how I planned to use them, was given a good price on 20 of them.  So, I distributed them to those who attended last night and everyone seemed pleased......and I hope they enjoy them as much as I have.

Actually, we liberal folks have to stick together.  It was funny when I contacted the nice people at about more stickers.  When I told them that I wanted more for my friends at Drinking Liberally, the return email said,  "Umm......Drinking Liberally!  Sounds like an interesting idea!"  So, I sent them the link to Drinking Liberally with lots of encouragement to start their own chapter.  They live in the "really red state" of Alabama (and their slogan is "help us connect the dots") so I imagine that our political environment is pretty similar.  Anyway, it was "good crack", as Allan would say, and I enjoyed the exchange.

One thing I have done is update my site a bit.
  • There are two new photo albums ---  more than you ever want to know about the Earth Day Festival in Savannah and the Blue Angels.   There wasn't much time for editing so both albums are pretty rough.
  • The Quotes page has been updated.
  • A page of Meatless Recipes has been added......just in case anyone is interested in trying Meatless Mondays or just looking for something different. 
 So, I hope you find something of interest and will visit often.