Friday, January 15, 2016

Well into A New Year - 2016!

Well, today is a dark rainy day, with rain coming down at a constant, steady pace - a day perfect for doing something like updating this blog.  There isn't a lot to report, other than the fact that I'm thankful the holidays are behind us.  I had very little enthusiasm and just trudged through them.  Though I enjoy seeing most of my Christmas items, it seems like a lot of effort just for me.  I'm not sure how I'll approach the holidays next year....and we all know how fast they will roll around again!

To add to the gloom of the day, I received an email this morning that one of our feral kitties, Zorro, had to be euthanized.  I noticed on Wednesday that he ate very little, which was not at all like him.  The next day I received a call from Joe asking whether or not he had been eating over the last few days.  I told him that Zorro had eaten very little on Wed. and that he had a matted eye, which he let me clean.  When Joe went to feel him yesterday, he ate nothing.  He let Joe pet him but then went back to the weeds and just lay down.  At that point, Joe took him to his vet and blood work revealed that he had leukemia.  His red blood count was 11, with normal being above 40!  I knew, by his not eating, that he wasn't feeling well, but I wasn't expecting anything so devastating.  Putting him to sleep was really the only and the kindest thing to do, but we certainly will miss him.  We saw him go from a skittish, alpha-male kitty (with Georgie) to a loving friend to us all, even Georgie.  I'm sure George will miss him as much as we will......very sad!

I did finally make it to North Carolina for three days after Christmas.  Laney had planned to have some of the cousins for lunch on my second day there, but she got sick and we cancelled. In addition to that, it rained the whole time I was there!  While Laney and Julious were stuck at home waiting to hear whether or not the doctor could see her, I ran a few errands in town and visited Mama's friends (Ruth and Edna, who are in the same nursing home) and neighbor (Mr. Rob).  It seemed to make their day, and it certainly made mine.  It was so good to see them.  Laney couldn't see the doctor until 9:45 the following day; so, when they left for the doctor, I left for home.  It was earlier than I expected to leave, but it's a good thing I did - traffic on I-95 was horrendous, as bad as I've ever seen it.  It was good to finally get home in one piece!

While I was away, Rosie stayed at the home of my pet sitter.  They had an older Great Dane, whom I figured would be pretty mellow, and two children who were out of school; so I figured Rosie would be well occupied and tended.  When Kristin brought Rosie home, she mentioned that Rosie was very hesitant when she picked her up Monday morning (a few hours after I left for NC).  She asked if Rosie had a history of abuse because she cowered a lot.  She does cower sometimes, for no reason that I'm aware of, except that possibly it is because she is a small dog and everything larger may seem threatening.  Anyway, for the first week she was home, I did notice a difference - she did seem more subdued.  Also, the first time I left her in her crate, as I went out the door, she cried.  I broke my heart!  I waited to see if she would stop, and she did.....and that hasn't happened since.  So, I don't know what brought all of that on unless it's separation anxiety.  As I'm preparing to visit Jan in Seattle, I have arranged for my friend David to stay here and look after Rosie.  I'm  not 100% confident about it and am hoping all goes well.  Rosie does like David and he likes her.  He works from home and will have to go home for that, but I'm hoping he can keep Rosie company and pretty much on her routine.  If it works, I'm also hoping they will become great friends so he won't mind looking after her from time to time.  We'll just have to see.

Speaking of visiting Jan, I'm beginning to get excited about the trip and looking forward to getting away.  I'll be flying out of Charleston, which is a two hour drive away; but, it's a direct flight!  And the price was right - $279!!  I'm looking forward to being in the land of Progressives and already, this early in the political campaign season, I need a pep talk, some assurance that Trump can't possibly become President - not that any of the others are much better!  How can people be attracted to that much hatefulness and negativity?  Can anyone tell me one thing they are FOR?  I can give you a laundry list of things they are against, but what good do they want to do for our people and country??  Jan, get ready!!!

That's about it for me except for the usual lunch with the ladies, political groups, zentangle with Ana, etc.  I hope everyone has gotten 2016 off to a good start and that it will be kind to all of us.  Happy New Year!