Monday, August 17, 2015

Correcting Bad Habits

Bad habits can form before you know it and, like most people, I try to correct them when I become aware of them.  Over the last year, I've succumb to quite a few that consume a lot of time and/or energy:

  • In the morning, getting back into bed with a cup of coffee and my iPad
  • Sitting for hours with my iPad, extracting knowledge from Facebook!
  • Watching MSNBC mindlessly for hours, which can't be good for my health!
  • Not doing yoga regularly.
  • Not walking regularly.
  • Not reading as much as I would like.
  • I'm not even home as much as I'd like!
  • And when I am home, I put on my PJ's around 6-7PM and call it a day!
So, after giving it some thought, I've discovered a solution that has worked perfectly.  While it may not eliminate all my bad habits, it has done wonders.  It is also something I would recommend to everyone, even those with few bad habits.  It's just the simplest thing that has eliminated my bad habits and added so much to each day.

Have I hooked you?

Are you ready?

I've adopted a puppy!  

Her name is Rosie (aka Baby Ruth) and she's a chiweenie, part Chihuahua and part Dachshund.  And, she's as mischievously sweet, alert, smart and active as she looks.   This came about from my telling a friend, Camille, whose husband is at Bloom, that now that I'm down to one cat I'd been thinking about getting a little dog......but I hadn't fully decided yet. Camille then starts sending me dogs that are available for adoption from Noah's Arks Rescue, a local rescue for acute care animals, animals that have been abused, have major health issues, etc.  

You can read Rosie's story HERE.  I think you will find her as irresistible as I did......and this is the photo that got me.

How could you resist those eyes? ...and the surprise was her big ears.  As I followed her online, I just fell for her.....but I didn't do anything rash.  I gave someone else plenty of time to adopt her, and when they mentioned twice that they had received no applications, my first thought was, "well, I guess she's meant for me!"  So, I filled out the extensive application and after two long weeks of excitedly waiting, she became mine! 

She arrived Friday afternoon and has already changed my life.  No  more lazy mornings.  No more hibernating at 6PM.  I'm now up earlier and out the door with her ASAP....even before my coffee (may not be advisable!).  We then take additional walks through the day, numbering three or four, with the final one being around 8:30.  Believe me, after that I'm ready for bed. It's wonderful to see her sassy strut and she can keep ahead of me, if not hijacked by her nose!  She still has that puppy playfulness and is a delight to have around.  She is great in the crate and doesn't make a peep through the night.  She's had one accident in the house, so I feel like I've gotten the best pooch in the world.  I really lucked out with Rosie!  Lest you think she's perfect, she is a chewer.  She has chew toys but seems to prefer everything else.  She has chewed through two leashes in 3 days, so I guess today has broken the 

My major concern is whether or not she will get along with Mama or, more aptly, if Mama will get along with her. She has changed Mama's life as mush as mine!  She would ofter go into her box on the cat tree after breakfast and not be seen until 4-4:30.  The first day she was not a happy camper and there was a lot of hissing and spitting.  The second day she began to kind of follow us around.  She has now taken the back cushion of the sofa, right by my computer, as her new sleeping spot.  

If nothing is happening, she can nap.  She's away from the invader and can keep an eye on her if anything is afoot.  They are slowly getting closer to each other and she had one opportunity to really nail Rosie, and she didn't.  So, there is hope!

So far there have been only two Rosie related calamities, with the biggest one happening last night......and I can't blame it on Rosie. Upon returning from our evening walk, we found three police cars in front of the house!  As is my habit, I set the house alarm early in the evening once I know I'm not going out again, totally forgetting that there would be a late walk.  You can imagine how embarrassed I was to explain what had happened!!

Anyway, as I said earlier, Rosie is a joy and I would highly recommend adopting a rescued cat or dog to anyone who wants to add a little more love to the househol.....and correct a few bad habits.