Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything!

This week I'm taking time off!  No yoga. No walking. No social nothing!  I'm so tired of running from one thing to the next that this week I'm stopping....and so far I've loved it!!  Yesterday I sat at the kitchen table in the afternoon trying to learn something via YouTube.  I took my time and it was totally relaxing.  My problem is likely to be getting myself started again after this little hiatus!!

There is a story behind the yoga layoff.  As you know, there were two teachers and one pushed us more that the other.  She did that after asking the class it they wanted a regular class or to be pushed a little (knowing that in yoga you monitor yourself).  Most of the class wanted to be pushed.......but we later learned that some didn't!  They took the original teacher out to lunch and complained that the class was too difficult, dangerous, etc. The original teacher declared the class would not be taught that way and handled it very poorly, unprofessionally in class, with the second teacher present....all of which left a bad taste in my mouth.  I did attend the next class and was one of 2-3 people who spoke up about the situation.  In a private conversation I also asked one of the complainers why she didn't just stop going to the class rather than ruining it for those who liked it.  Now you know why I like animals so much!!  Anyway, drama in yoga class is not what I need

One thing that remains on my schedule is the bottling of our wine this Friday.  I'm the only one who has shown up for all steps of the process, which was easy as I live so close....and I have to say it has brought back fond memories (which is reflected in my label.....Crescent Moon Memories!).In the photo to the left, he is degassing.  If I were doing it at home, I would use a long plastic spoon, but he has the plastic spoon attached to a drill, which really gets things going!  It's been so much fun that I think I've talked my friend Chris into going in together on a batch.  The class made Pinot Grigio but I think we will make Pinot Gris, which should be even smoother. I'll keep you posted!

In the clip, I'm racking it for the last time before bottling.  In the front bottle, you can see how much yeast has already settled out. This is an extra step the vintner recommends, which should allow it to clear well.  Its bouquet has been nice and light all along (I guess wine yeast does make a difference!!) and I'm hoping we will have a good finished product.

Another thing that I've eliminated from my schedule is the position of leader of the pack of Bloom at Belfair families.  Once we were able to be heard and establish a means of more regular communication, I asked someone else to coordinate the group.   That was a welcomed relief and I could hand it over feeling that I'd done my best.

Since writing last, I've caught up with all of my female friends (lots of lunches), as well as attending Living Liberally.  Our group has now grown to between 22-28 at most meetings and we've found a great place to be able to eat outside and enjoy Spring weather.  I've also attended Symphony Under the Stars, continued zentangle with Chris and Ana, and just tried to keep all the balls in the air.

I'm happy to report that our weather is improving.  Socks are off and flip-flop are on.  The Bradford Pears and azaleas didn't last long as rain removed the blooms quickly....but they were pretty while they lasted.  The Heritage Golf Tournament is this coming weekend so I hope a few are left to make the course look good.  The nice weather has made feeding the feral cats more fun......I really worried about them in the freezing temperatures of the winter. It has also emboldened the raccoons!  In the last two photos below, you can see one lurking behind the cat.....and boldly moving up when the cat left.  The last time I fed them a raccoon was waiting there with them!!  They are clever little creatures and funny to picked up the plate with his front paws and tried to take it into the brush!  It doesn't take long for the to figure out things!! 

The last thing I want to share with you are these wave clouds that passed through about a week ago.  I didn't take these photos (from newspaper and online) because I saw them as I was coming out of Kroger.  I found myself standing in the parking lot just staring at them with mouth open.  It felt like the sci-fi scene when everyone realizes that disaster is eminent! They were very ominous in appearance - dark, low hanging and fast moving.  The weather report that evening told us that they were quite rare and I don't think anyone could have missed them.