Wednesday, February 18, 2015


With February being a short month. it's whirling by at record speed.  I'm amazed that the speed with which it passes and the fact that I stay on the go without accomplishing anything of consequence.  Maybe this is what retirement is about!!

The month began with the demise of another cat.....I'm now down to one!  Smokey, being almost 20 years old, was having more and more problems......but I was not wanting to let him go.  About two months ago he went to the vet and it was found that he had fluid collecting around his heart.  I didn't want to go to extreme measures so they set about making him as comfortable as possible.  I could tell his breathing was becoming more labored and on the night of Feb. 1 he had such a coughing spell that he was hassling and having trouble settling.  I knew I didn't want him to go through that again so the vet was called and they confirmed my assessment.  Even though he had a long, spoiled life, it was still difficult to do it......but I did.  I was with him as they put him to sleep and the only consolation was that he would no longer be in pain.  He really was a sweetie... So, what else has happened?  My yoga class was cancelled for a week, which provided the excuse to become a slug.  It has been so cold, and on some days so dark, that I've taken to doing the minimum ablutions in the morning, running to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.....and getting back into bed!!  How bad is that!  I do sit up and listen to the news, check emails, etc......but not enough to be redemptive.  It's really bad!

Speaking of cold.....tomorrow the HIGH is to be 36F!!!!!  That is 30 degrees below our normal temperature for this time of  year.  My first thoughts are of Georgie and Zorro, the feral cats.  I fed them tonight and it was windy and cold.  For the first time, Zorro looked like it was getting to him.  We have boxes for them, but I don't know that they have found them yet.  My hope is that their natural instincts will serve them well and they will get through this.  As an aside, as I was feeding them tonight, a lady drive by, turned around and gave me money for food for the kitties....then she turned around again and went into the Crescent.    It is so nice to know that people do care.....

As you know, I've become the reluctant leader-of-the-pack at Bloom.  After writing two letters  (signed by 12 other family members of residents at Bloom) to the powers that be, I received a call from the new COO.  He had read our letters and wanted to meet with us on his next visit......which is what we wanted all along.  So, I returned his call and we are scheduled to meet on the 24th.  Our major issue at the moment is that there are not enough RAs on the floor do all that needs to be done AND keep an eye on everyone, especially when issues develop......and things can develop very quickly!  So, this is one of those things that I've done as much as I can.....and I'm hoping it will come to a positive conclusion.

Well, you saw the aggressive turkey video.  Now, residents here have seen coyotes!!  The POA has called in Critter Management to take care of them.  First, let me say that it could very well be a dog!  Secondly, if it is a there evidence of it having done anything??  Did anyone ever think that the coyote/large dog might actually take care of the turkey "problem"?  Believe me, when I got the email that they were contacting Critter Management to deal with the coyote, it was all I could do NOT to email the board and ask them to send Critter Mgmt to my house.....I'd seen a squirrel and was in fear for my life!!  If you don't want to see nature and wildlife,why are you in SC (or on this planet!)!!

As you can see, not a lot has been happening, but things will pick up soon!  Jan will be visiting next week and I'm really looking forward to it.  We plan to have a couple of days in Charleston and a night in Savannah, to say nothing of just catching up.  I'm hoping  the weather will be more cooperative, but we can't do a lot about that.  We will make the most of it and have a good time!  That's one reason for my writing now, before I get too far behind.  

I hope all is well with you and that 2015 is off to a good start!  Love to all.