Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winter Has Arrived!

Today has been our first introduction to winter.  The wind gusted through the night and this morning it was in the low 40s, with the wind still gusting strongly throughout the day......burr!!  It looks like it will be in the 50s or 60s for the next few days, which will be much easier to deal with if the wind subsides. November is also here, which means two things: we survived the Halloween hype and the days are now shorter.  When it gets dark earlier, I get nothing done (as opposed to very little!).  November signals that the remainder of the year will fly by at record speed.

My big news is that I'm now technologically empowered.  I've stepped into the 21st century! As much as I resisted, I finally caved and bought a smartphone!!  There was never a doubt that I would love it (as a gadget, not necessarily a phone!), but I couldn't justify the cost, especially since I already had an iPad.  But I started looking around and found a deal I could go for and never looked back.  At some point I will give folks my number, but I have to build up to that!  It is actually my old cell number, but when I originally gave it to people I assured them that it would be a waste of time to call me on it because I seldom kept it charged or with me.  I am doing better on both counts, so you may stand a better chance of reaching me on it. There will still  be times when I probably won't answer - while driving, at mealtimes, when on my walk, and so forth.  At some point I will get into the phone part, but I'm not rushing it. I have found it very useful on my walks as that tends to be a time when I remember things that need to be done or something comes to mind.  Now I can just whip out my phone and make or dictate a note!   There's an app for grocery lists, which is great as it eliminates the possibility of leaving the list at home, which happens more than I want to admit.  

My new project, feeding the ferals, is going well and is as much fun as I'd hoped. It's really nice to go out around sunset and have time with them and it's amazing the number of passers-by who stop and ask questions or thank us for taking care of them.  Like me, they kept track of which ones were there and when.  As for the kitties, the original two, George and Blackie, are friendly.  I can hardly get the food prepared for Blackie being in the back of the car winding around my arms, wanting to be stroked.  The last two times George has let me stroke him and approached me with his tail up.  Zorro is new to the group and they haven't figured out how to incorporate him yet.  He only comes out of the brush far enough to get his food and the slightest move will send him back.  Friday was the closest they have come together so there is slow progress.  It IS very enjoyable and I'm happy to be doing it.

In the photos, you will notice my pimped-out car with political signs front and back.  In a few days they can be removed, but that doesn't negate the fact that it now looks like I live out of my car!!  I have reuseable shopping bags, a yoga mat and towel in the back seat.  The back area is full of cat food and accouterments, my plastic box to secure groceries and my bag for cold foods.....You get the picture!

My mother seems to have reached a plateau and has regained some of her strength.  It is just hard to know what to expect from day to day or even from one part of the day to another.  Yesterday and today she was awake and responsive, but there will be days when she's out of it and non-responsive, or totally in a world of her own. She continues to eat well, which has been her saving grace.

I did recently take a day for myself and spent it at the library. I went for yoga in the morning and a class on meditation in the afternoon.  It was a nice change.  I've started a yoga class there on Wednesdays and Saturdays (intending to do it at home on Mondays).  The instructor is in her mid-70s (less depressing than a young, perky gal!), a little wacky, but does a good job.  It is more "zen" than most, ending with about a 20 minute meditation at the end.....the class runs about an hour and a half.  I'd forgotten how much better I feel and how much more aware of my posture I am when doing yoga regularly.  I hope to get that feeling again! 

I've been to another Olli class as a guest of my friend Chris and have two more coming up in early November.  I also attended another Mom's for Demand Action for Gun Sense meeting, which was depressing as there were so few people in attendance.  I'm rationalizing that it was just because it's this time of year and people are getting busy. I've also voted early and volunteered to drive anyone to the polls who may need a ride. Needless to say, I'm on pins and needles about the election and am glad it would be over soon.  If I have to listen to one more ad of John Barrow trying to be a republican - with his homespun humor, exaggerated accent and his "Daddy's gun" - I will scream!!

Tom recently asked for the photos I took at the reunion, which made me think that I would provide the link to the slideshow - don't know why I didn't do that sooner.  It is:
Feel free to share it with anyone who might enjoy it.

Eileen posted a great video of current day Abqaiq, which was fun to see.  It seems to be bustling and has definitely been modernized since my time there.  Even so, it brought back great memories.  The video can be found here: