Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall is in the Air

It's hard to believe that September is here and speeding along.  We all know how quickly this time of year flies by......and we're already seeing Halloween and Christmas items sharing the same aisles in store.  I can't even think about it!!

Photo from Eat Sleep Play Beaufort
I've continued my pattern of whirling from one thing to the next, without accomplishing anything worthwhile!  One day I went over to Beaufort for the afternoon.  When I left, it was sunny and bright, but by the time I got there the conditions had changed.  A storm was blowing in and the oaks along Bay Street were swaying, with the Spanish Moss blowing away from the water.  It really was beautiful.  On cue, the maarsh grasses are turning from a brillent greens to yellow, on their way to brown.  It seemed like I caught the transition from summer to fall, and it was a fantastic afternoon!

I've maintained my usual  political interests; but, now that election is in the air, I attended the opening of the Democratic Headquarters.  Joyce Dickerson and Brad Hutto, who are both running for Senate seats, were there and seemed very impressive.....though they have an uphill battle in this territory.  We can always hope!

One of the most enjoyable thing I did was have my friend Chris and my neighbor Ana over for an afternoon of zentangle.  I first heard of zentangle when Chris told me that her sister did it and explaing what it was.  I came straight home and googled it, intending to give it a try someday. Then, when Cheryl was here she asked if I'd every done it and, since I hadn't, we did one on the stop.....and it was lots of fun.  So, I took a page from her book and invited the ladies for an afternoon.  The thing that surprised me was that we really got into it and there would be very quiet moments when we were all in the "zen zone".  We somehow decided to start with a circular one and then, for the second one, they replicated something from the book and I completed one I had begun the day before.  All in all, it was a very good afternoon and I think we will do it again soon.

For some reason the cover slide and the captions don't appear when viewed on tablets or iPads.....I've tried everything I know to correct it and haven't found the secret yet.  The photos are pretty self-explanatory, but if you view it on a laptop, you will see the whole thing. 

I also went to see "The Hundred Foot Journey", which was a very enjoyable movie.  In addition to enjoying the movie, I was pleased to learn there is a sequel to "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel."  The new one comes out later in the year and is titled "The Second Best Marigold Hotel."  It appears to contain most, if not all, of the original cast AND Richard Gere!  Sounds like a winner!

Isn't he cute!
Look at the goatee!

You won't believe this......but I now have my very own goat!!  I've named him Gus and he's as cute as we all know goats to be.  Gus was sent to me by Cheryl, after watching all the goat videos I like or share on Facebook.  They really are cute little creatures with their own indomitable charm.  I remember going to the wild animal park in San Diego years ago.  There was a children's petting zoo and I got such a kick out of the goats.  That was in the day of the wrap-around skirt, which a lady happened to be wearing.  There was this little goat walking behind her with half of the skirt flap in his mouth, chewing away.  It was so funny and it took her a while to realize he was there.  I've loved goats since!  

For those of you who may not be convinced of their charm or may have missed my many goat postings of Facebook, I'm going to leave you with one of my favorite clips.....of Buttermilk the goat. Enjoy!

 If you want one more giggle, have a look at a goat stampede!

You've probably accurately surmised why I get very little accomplished in the course of the day!