Sunday, March 2, 2014

March is Here

After losing the month of February, it's still difficult to believe that March is already here!  The beginning of the year is whizzing by at record speed.

As mentioned last time, Spring is in the air and today (Sunday) is no exception....sunny, warm and clear. The patio door is open and the kitties are huddled in front of it enjoying their first gasp of fresh air in a while!

I received an email that the daffodil fields would be open yesterday and today, so I thought the perfect time to go without hassle would be on Sunday morning, while everyone else was at church.  The Christians may have been in church, but the nature worshipers had the same idea as I!!  The parking lot was full and they were opening the second field as I drove up.  In this part of the country, daffodils do announce the coming of Spring and they are always so cheerful and welcomed. It was a great way to start the day!  
I took a vase with me and whipped up an "arrangement" in the parking lot of Bloom, arriving just as they were getting Mama out of bed (very late in the morning!).  She liked the flowers and remembered that we had been there before. Once she was dressed we went to the dining room for a cup of coffee before lunch.  She was very pale and weak, and complained of her heart before finishing lunch.  She continues to refuse many of her meds..and has no recollection of doing so, and she is eating only the smallest amount. Keisha took her vital signs and her BP was a little high, as was her heart rate.  She wanted to lie down....she has been up only a few hours each day before wanting to lie down again and is not gaining strength.  Once in bed, I got her to drink about 1/2 of a Glucerna.  I came home while she rested and will go back around dinner, hoping to get her out of bed for that.  I'm not at all sure she will come back from this and, if she does, the baseline is likely to be much lower than it was before the fall. It is so painful to see, and I can't imagine how confused and frightened she must feel.

I wanted to mention another website that might be of interest to those with an appreciation of the scenery and history of this area.  It is Capture America Journal by David Emch. I started following him when he resided in Charleston.  He has since started a journey to raise money for epilepsy research.  He is quite a good photographer and has a knack for meeting interesting, everyday people. I've learned a lot about the area through his exploits.  Having taken many carriage tours through Beaufort, I knew who Robert Smalls was, but he tells more of his history, which is very interesting (2/28/2014 entry).  He has also inspired me to want to take a walking tour with Jon Sharp, whom I'd read about in the paper but didn't know he was leading tours!!  Anyway, give it a look and see whether it's worth the occasional glance.

Not a lot else happening at the moment.  I've actually devised a "To Do" list in hopes of getting a few things accomplished.  The idea has come to me to thoroughly clean one room at a time, every other day, every three days.....whatever I can talk myself into doing.  So far, I haven't been very persuasive!