Monday, February 25, 2013

February Update

Usually when I write, I've given it some thought and formulated things in my head beforehand.  On this occasion I'm winging it, mostly because we, my mother and I, have had a good week.  This positive turn in February is just as inexplicable as all of the anger, sullen and hateful behavior of January.  She has been in good spirits and we even went grocery shopping yesterday, something she hasn't done in months.  The stress of January forced me to come to terms with what will need to be done at some point in the not-too-distant future and I've arrived at some decisions. At the point that she needs to be placed in a facility, I was trying to decide whether it would be best for her to be  in her town in NC or here.  Unless something unforeseen happens, my decision is made on that.  The problem arises with this sudden improvement in behavior!  When things aren't going well, it's easy to see that it's more than I can deal with and that professional care is needed. But, when things are going well, it's manageable, though definite limiting.  I also feel that if she is in a facility and the negative behavior persists, she will be medicated beyond feeling.  After dealing with it, I can logically see the need for that to some degree, but it's sad to consider.  Anyway, at this moment things are going well......and I'm very thankful.

February 23rd was her wedding anniversary and I asked if she knew what happened on that date.  She thought and thought without coming up with anything.  She asked how long ago and when I told her 67 years, she laughed and said, "Oh, Lord!"  When I told her it was her anniversary, she couldn't believe it was that long ago.  We talked about age (hers and mine), all the changes she's seen in her lifetime, and so on.  It was a nice moment!

I haven't done much socially.  The lady who stays with Mama from time to time has changed jobs and it's been difficult to establish a regular routine.  Last week she let me know the day before she was available and it was too late to arrange anything with friends.  The same thing seems to be happening this week, so I'm going to follow up on a few ads I saw in the paper and see if I can find someone with whom I can get a regular routine going. My friend Chris and I went out to lunch last week and it was great.  We have a lot in common and she is someone whom I can talk to and get thoughtful input.  I always feel better after being with her......and I hope she benefits in some way, too.......but I don't feel I have much to offer at the moment.

BEFORE (including neglected bed around tree)

 You know I had my carpets and faucet replaced recently, and the sting continues.  This past week half of my yard was re-sodded and the house power washed. They look great and Mother Nature has cooperated by keeping the yard well watered, which should give it a good start. The grass is dormant, but with the mild winter and now the rain, things are likely to green up quickly.

AFTER (Neglected bed covered with grass)
As soon as I thought the expenses were over, the fridge in the garage stopped working!  It's very old and may not be revived, but I put calls in to see if someone could take a look at it.  In the meantime, I plugged in into another outlet using an extension cord and, lo and behold, the fridge started.  Now it appears to be the outlet or circuitry in the garage, which is covered with American Home Shield.....the fridge wasn't.  So, am hoping this one will be an easy fix.

The Oscars were last night and I hung in and watched the whole thing.  Seth McFarland is definitely cute and multi-talented, but I prefer more subtle humor.  Some of it was clever, but much of it was 7th-gradish and mean. I actually thought that in two minutes Daniel Day-Lewis totally and with ease out shown Seth......not what I expected from him, but a wonderful surprise.  I have not seen many of the movies, but it seemed that there were lots of good ones this year.  They;re all on my Netflix list and I will be seeing them at some point.  So, I'll leave you with a little Academy Awards humor.....imagining what Life of Pi would be like if directed by an American.......