Monday, May 7, 2012

Keep It Moving!!

A new work station for jigsaw puzzles.
As I continue to enjoy peace and calm (more or less!), things seem to roll along and my time is filled. After finding the definitive peanut butter cookie recipe, I made a batch for my neighbor and her husband. Denise is a delightful lady and we've had lots to talk about every time we've gotten together. But, with the ups and downs and unpredictability of my situation, I just have no been able to pursue a friendship. So, you can imagine my surprise when I heard that she had brain surgery! She had noticed balance and memory problems and was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Her doctor then called to say the initial diagnosis was incorrect, that she had water on the brain!! It sounds as though the surgery might solve the problem (the fluid will drain into her abdomen and be absorbed by the body). So, if anyone deserved a batch of cookies, it was Denise. She seems to be doing well and I hope to see more of her.

 The other activities read like a "to do" list.....

--After missing all meetings last month, I finally made it back to Living Liberally. It was good to see the regulars, and there were quite a few new people, which added to the chatter.

A 350 piece puzzle from the dollar store
--This past Wednesday, my mother, Pamela and I went to a choral concert in Sun City. Being at 2PM in the afternoon and with a movie music theme, I thought it might be something my mother would enjoy.......until she grasped her ears when the music started! It was surprisingly loud!  She eventually removed one hearing aid and got through it okay. It made me aware of how difficult life must be when you can no longer do anything easily or comfortably.  

--Jennifer from Indigo Pines stopped by one afternoon and chatted up my mother again.   My  mother told her that she knew she would have to compromise.....and I said that when that kicked in, to please let me know!  In her heart of hearts I think she knows she can't be on her own any more, but to give up on it is so difficult for her.

The most entertainment for $1 that  I've had in a long time!
--We have been paying for one of my mother's medications that should have been covered by Medicare Part B, but the pharmacy we used didn't bill Medicare.  So, I spent the major part of one afternoon on the phone to 6 different people trying to get it sorted out.  The last lady I talked to seemed to know what she was doing and will contact the doctor, etc., but I had to go through 5 people to get to the right one.  It also makes me wonder how I will manage to get that done when I'm 90???

--Sunday Chris and I went to see Tea at Five at the SC Repertory Company.  It's an "intimate" little funky theater that does some surprisingly good productions.  This was a one woman play about Katherine Hepburn.  Act I was in 1938 when she was a struggling actress.  Act II was in 1983 at the end of her career. She was always an interesting woman and definitely ahead of her time, and the play didn't disappoint.

--On Saturday our electric company had their annual meeting, which usually includes music, food, prizes, etc.  Again, it was at 2PM and something I thought  my mother could do......and I have to give them credit, when I asked if I could drive up near the festivities and get my mother situated, the guy showed me where the handicapped parking area was and we proceeded there.  Once parked, there were golf carts ferrying people about and I was able to register there as opposed to mingling with the masses in another area.  It was thoughtfully organized and very easy for us to navigate.  We stayed about an hour and then rode around Ridgeland and checked out some of the massive oak trees.