Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super Bowl and Beyond

Not a lot happening here, just working around the house to do what needs to be done and keep my mother busy.  I had no plans for Super Bowl Sunday and pretty much share Maxine's enthusiasm for it.  It was only recently that I even knew who was playing!  Anyway, a couple of days beforehand my neighbors invited me to join them and their friends for it.  I figured they were having neighborhood friends over, but that was not the case.  My neighbors are Canadian and are here only part time and, as it turned out, most of those attending were their Canadian friends who are here for extended visits.  I knew it was my kind of group when I arrived, the game was on and everyone was in the kitchen!  The focus did eventually turn to the game, but it was a very convivial group...good company and outstanding food and drink.  Much more fun than watching at my house.

Am I getting old (don't answer that!) or were the Super Bowl commercials disappointing?  As I remember from years past, it seemed that each commercial outdid the last (with my favorites being "heading cats" and "Doctor, he's got money coming out the wazoo!").  There were a few cute ones this year but certainly not enough to maintain interest.  What did surprise me was that I liked the halftime show.  It usually seems such a futile and disappointing 10 minutes, almost like doing a card trick in the dark!  I mostly liked the visual affects of the stage, which seemed to give it a more substantial feel.  Also, Madonna dressed in a way to cover her sinewy muscles AND her disappearance at the end was good.

Who would have thought I could have written two paragraphs about the Super Bowl!?!

About a week ago my mother and I went to a seminar at Indigo Pines (independent living facility) about Aid and Attendance Benefits.  They ran an ad in the paper the previous week and I looked up "Aid and Attendance Benefits" online.  As it turns out, it is to benefit veterans and/or spouses of veterans who served during wartime, as my father did in WWII.  We went to the seminar and will meet with the speaker again next Tuesday to determine whether or not my mother will qualify.  I can't see any reason why she should not, but who knows?

I figured that if the seminar was being held at Indigo Pines, they would give us a pitch, which they did.  It was fine by me and an opportunity for my mother to see something other than the nursing home in NC.  She couldn't get over how nice it was and how pleasant everyone was.  Several times she said, "I'm sure it costs a fortune to live there" and I just tried to remain nonchalant about it . Needless to say, I was getting hopeful when a couple of days later she announced again that she wanted to go home.  So, shot down again.  Anyway, we are going back next week for the follow up and I'm sure they will again make some kind of pitch, especially if they feel she will qualify for the benefits.  So, we shall see how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed.

Like everyone else, I've been amazed and amused by the GOP primaries.  I think it's great that they have become such a rarefied, esoteric group that they can't agree on anyone among their numbers good enough to represent them.  It appeals to my wicked sense of humor that the Religious Right is having to chose between Catholics and Mormons.....or in Newt's case, Baptist, Lutheran and Catholic depending on the wife!  I have nothing against any of them, but I doubt that the RR feels the same way. You have to I'm including a few of my favorite cartoons for your enjoyment.
Hands down favorite........

This was before Santorum made his recent three state sweep, but it's still good.

In keeping with his humorless personality, I had to search for a few Mitt cartoons!!