Friday, April 8, 2011

April: Bits and Pieces

My visit to Savannah was hardly over before the faux-Spring gave way to five days of cold, rainy, dark weather. It was good for "in house' activities, but not so good for walking or doing anything outside..This week we've gotten back into the 70s and low 80s, so it's good to be outside again.

Just saw a good Netflix movie - Get Low - with Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek.  It was totally captivating and based on a true story.  As I watched it I wondered why it went unnoticed.......possibly because it was just an interesting human interest story (based on true events), with no guns (well, hardly any!), crashes, etc..  Movie preferences are very subjective and I'm sure it would not appeal to everyone, but if you like those actors, you will likely enjoy the story and the performances.

For my own peace of mind, I had to find the name of the "mystery bush" mentioned in the March 22nd post.  It's the Chinese Fringe, which should be easy to remember as the bloom actually looks like fringe.  I think that visual image will help me remember the name from this point forward (though it didn't the first time)!

Have been meaning to mention to Aramcons that Paula J., who lives in Spain, does great volunteer work with an animal rescue group.  You can check out their website HERE and, if you peruse the section of volunteers (The Team, Volunteers Photo Album), you will spot Paula, though you may have to look twice as she has short hair now.  I follow them (and my local Palmetto Animal League) on Facebook.  In Facebook lingo, I'm a "lurker".....following friends and groups, but rarely divulging my own doings (after all, if I did that, what would I write here!!).  To make it even easier, I have this handy, dandy app on Firefox that keeps me informed of all postings for "friends" and groups.  So I see so many beautiful, homeless animals that these groups rescue.  While it breaks my heart in one sense, it makes me especially appreciative of those like Paula you help make their lives easier.  Those who have had pets know the purity of their spirit and devotion......qualities that are hard to find in people.  Domesticated animals have given up the essence of their being to become our companions, and they love us the real sense of the term.  Again, something that you don't get from people.  Even most severely abused animals will trust people again if shown the slightest kindness. It's easy to see why some people are so devoted to their pets......and so difficult to understand how anyone could abuse them. 

Not a lot else to report.  Am off to NC on Tuesday and hoping to be back on Friday, assuming I find all in good shape there.  Keep your fingers crossed.